Coromon – Official Multiplayer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to access Multiplayer?

  • On the lower floor of each Coromon Center there are several “VR Booths.” Enter one of these booths and activate it to access Multiplayer battles.

What do I need to do before I can do Multiplayer?

  • To engage in Multiplayer you will need at a minimum, three different Coromon, and six for Custom matches. Duplicate Coromon types are not allowed in MP.

How do I set up my Multiplayer squads?

  • Squads must be set up using the Squads button on the MP Main Screen before choosing which type of battle you are looking for.

How do I play against a friend?

  • After selecting Casual mode and deciding on which type of battle you’d like to play, click the “Friends” icon (represented by the silhouettes of several people) besides the “Find opponent” button and you can enter a lobby code you can share with your friend. They will need to input this code in the same place in their game.

Do my Coromon keep their level in Multiplayer battles?

  • No, in multiplayer all Coromon are adjusted to level 50 to ensure that matchups are about each researcher’s skills, and not just who has leveled up their squad the most. The only exception is Casual custom matches, where you can adjust the settings for level adjustment.

What can I earn from Multiplayer battles?

  • By battling in Multiplayer mode you will earn Milestone XP as well as occasional item rewards like cakes. However, your Coromon do not gain XP.

Can I use my items in Multiplayer battles?

  • Your Coromon’s held items do work in Multiplayer mode, but you cannot use items from your inventory.

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