Coronation – How to Build a Bed and Sleep

How to Build a Bed and Sleep

A bed building block is located inside the furniture 1 section of building blocks.

Once you have a town established=a town banner placed/ built, you can build a bed. The bed is necessary and important because it is one of the conditions to allow you and your villagers to work (the 2nd condition but just for the villagers is to have food).

You must build your bed on a foundation block, and under some slightest ceiling at least, it means it can be any at least a single building block built/overhung over the foundation, where you plan to place/build your bed.

For it you will need 10 wood, and 10 cotton. Wood is easily obtainable from a forest. While cotton a littler harder by having a cotton farm, cotton resource in inventory, or buying cotton at any market, or building own market to buy it in.

The first bed you build, automatically belongs/is assigned to you, the player, if you want bed for your villagers, you must buy additional beds, each one of them will be assigned/reserved randomly to a random townperson of your population at the very moment you build the bed. And you cant revoke it unless you destroy that bed. So dont expect to assign a particular new free bed to a specific person by sending him to sleep, as chances are it wont work. You cant be pretty sure only if you have the same number of beds, or higher than is the population of your town.

Or you can find out to whom belongs the bed, by a global command of sending all the townfolks to go to sleep, and seeing which ones used beds. You will need to know this if not all the villagers have beds, to know which do, because to which you can rely on to be able to continue their work uninterruptedly due to being able to go to sleep when tired.

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