CoWorker – Basic Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Please note: all credit goes to theGabe !

Here are some stuff to get your bearings and stop confusion.

Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Input and Co-Op

There is local co-op and remote play, just press the player’s interact button and it will spawn, you can check the settings for input options. Change your avatar by pressing 1-6. (1 is player 1, 2 is player 2, etc…)


There are some tutorial gifs in the menu on the bottom right, but bare minimum, check those if you feel stuck.


Pick up stuff with interaction, throw by holding interaction.

Feed turrets batteries and ammo, everything is color-coded. Refill batteries at green chargers, refill ammo boxes at the conveyor belt. Turrets can be knocked over. You can produce mines, they spawn at the top and you have to arm them there too. You can produce “explosive cubes” by requesting a black cube in the bottom right and arming it by the nearby station. There is a stationary turret in the middle with two ammo boxes, but usually it never fires, the zombies don’t get too close.

You can block off paths, there are 3 gates around marked with warning stripes.

you can add stuff to 3 proximity launches, which will launch the things put into them when a zombie gets behind them. Use dice here to avoid explosion.

Get boxes by delivering stuff to the window on the bottom left. Get money by delivering boxes from the window to the ware house door in the top right. Kick boxes in by holding interact button. Different stuff exchange for different prized boxes! you can sell anything you produce or pick up, mines, red explosives, etc. Boxes can be opened by explosion. AFAIK Boxes from the delivery window contain what you put in the window. “Gift boxes” which fall to the table in the middle contain stuff you can use: batteries, ammo boxes, turrets, dice, etc.

You can upgrade equipment for wharehouse point (or money) near the door in the top left.

Bugs, Glitches, Missing Things

  • There is no way to remove a player yet
  • If the game ends there isn’t a leaderboard (steam leaderboard maybe later?)
  • There is no save feature yet
  • There is no need to close the wharehouse door
  • The game is too easy with the default difficulty
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