Crab Champions – How to Unlock Weapons

Weapon Unlocks (General Guide)

General Key Guide (How to Obtain)

  • To unlock weapons defeat bosses every 10 islands (rounds/levels (10,20,30)) in order to obtain keys from a chest (The middle one).
  • Eventually after completing multiple levels/islands, you arrive at an “Endgame” BOSS (island/level 30) which when killed in return you are granted multiple keys and the option to go back to crab island or loop.

Looping restarts at level one with all weapon mods, grenade mods, and perks obtained in the run you are currently in. But the enemies you face are harder (i say loop cuz crabs).

Buying Weapons

How to get your weapons

  • Use 4 keys on the blue skull totem in spawn (crab island) to get a random weapon.
  • If you have more than 4 keys (like 8 for example) you can buy a weapon, and then start a run and get yourself killed in order to roll for another weapon.
  • Idk if buying one weapon on the island at a time was intended but that’s the work around ATM).

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