Crab Game – 100% Complete Guide

This guide will mainly focus on tips and tricks in different fields ranging from movement to general and other useful information. Disclaimer: this guide may not work as efficiently for other players due to differences in ability or other circumstances

How to Beat the Game


Alright so this section is gonna introduce the game and what is it about. Giving beginners an easier time understanding the game.

Firstly let’s begin that your objective is to survive and be the last man standing. If you fail to complete challenges, you are eliminated.

The game will offer gamemodes from fighting against the game to fighting other players. In the end you will have to focus mainly on your survival not others.

In the next section we will go in depth about the gamemodes. What they are, how to win and some tips and tricks for the gamemodes.


First, you need to know is that there are 9 gamemodes:

  • Tag
  • Bomb Tag
  • Hide and Seek
  • Hat King
  • Lights Out
  • Stepping Stones
  • Red Light Green Light
  • King Of The Hill
  • Color Drive
  • Floor Is Lava

I’ll explain what every game mode is about now.

We can begin with Tag since its one of most common one.

Tag – There are 2 teams:

  • Runners
  • Taggers

A taggers objective is to tag a runner to become one myself so they dont get eliminated. Taggers have a STICC as a weapon. When a tagger hits a runner they become a runner, taggers are outlined RED. They have to tag someone else before time rounds out.

Runners objective is to run away from a tagger so they dont get hit by a STICC and become the tagged themselves. Runners must survive until time runs out

Amount of taggers depends on the amount of players.

Taggers by the end of the round are ELIMINATED and runners advance to the next round.

Bomb Tag – Same as Tag however there are few differences.

  • The taggers are randomly chosen 1 by 1 not simultaneously released.
  • The bomb doesnt have a specific time when it explodes.
  • And the weapon is a Bomb not a STICC.

Bomb count per round also depends on the player count. And the round length does so too.

Stepping Stones

This gamemode has only 1 objective – to make it to the other side.

  • There are gonna be number of platforms. One on the left and other.
  • There is no patterns about which platform is the non-breakble, its always random 50/50.
  • The amount of platforms also depends on the player count.
  • If you die in the gamemode you are eliminated.
  • The ice in ice themed map affects your movement, so be careful!

Hide and Seek

Teams are the same as Tag or Bomb Tag so is the Objective.

In this case the Taggers must eliminate 1 player by killing them by a knife which deals 36 damage = means 3 hits and you’re dead. when a seeker eliminates a hider they become a hider themselves and are in the risk of being hunted.

For example if theres 3 seekers and 1 of the murders a hider he becomes a hider and then theres 2 seekers left. So basically the amount of seekers there is thats the amount of how many people have to die that round. So just don’t die.

Hat King

Objective is to hold the crown for as long as possible.

Depending on the players count people upon round starting receive a crown that they must protect, each second you hold a crown theres some points.

People who do not get receive enough points will be eliminated. Depending on the player count you must get from top 1 to like top 25.

To take away someone’s else crown you must hit them with your fist. (Not that hard right lol)

Disclaimer: There cannot be a tie.

King Of The Hill

The Objective – is to spend as much time in the yellow orb on top of the hill while being able to fend off other players who will try to knock you off.

If you dont gain enough points at the end of the round you will be eliminated.

You take no fall damage while in this gamemode and you receive a baseball bat with Knockback III (lmao) to knock people out of the ring and secure victory.

The bat doesn’t deal any damage.

Heres some footage:

Lights Out

This is the only mode that has 1 map and the objective is to survive throughout the light out period.

You have 2 options:

  • Hide.
  • Kill.

People spawn and have about 7 seconds to find a hiding spot and after that the lights go off and receive a weapon:

  • Pistol – 10-15 30 if headshot DMG/Bullet Depending on the range you hit the person – Ammo – 12
  • Knife – 12 DMG/Hit
  • Stick – 1 DMG/Hit (very unlucky, don’t even fight with this)
  • Pipe – 20 DMG/Hit
  • Katana – 18 DMG/Hit (idk how a literal sword has less dmg than a pipe)
  • Baseball Bat – 12 DMG/Hit

If you see someone with none of these weapons mentioned that means they are using scripts. One example is Shotgun or even an AK-47 = Basically Cheaters.

Color Drive

There are 4 possible teams in this gamemode:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink

There’s only 1 objective in this game mode.

That is to make sure your team doesn’t have the least amount of points before the round ends. You must make tiles your color, to get as much as possible.

Team with the least tiles of their color as eliminated and remaining teams advance to the next round.

Disclaimer: There cannot be a tie either

Heres some footage: (Don’t mind me screaming at my fellow companion lol).

Red Light Green Light

Of course everyone must know this one, the first game of the series.

Your objective is to make it to the doll and cross the red line and you pass!

When the doll turns around make sure you dont move an inch (Turning your camera around also counts as movement)

If you move, you die which means eliminated. There is 1 exepction. In the ice themed map there is rocks and tress you can hide behind, because the doll uses line of sight. Beware that ice affects your movement.


You can push others but make sure not to die yourself.

Floor Is Lava

So you’re basically being put in a ocean or a pit of lava with platforms that start crumbling and sink.

The platform count depends on the player count and so does the timer count. Your objective is to don’t fall of or push other people for trolling xd.

And that’s all for the Gamemode Section, Thanks for reading!. In the next section we will cover Movement!


Hello and welcome to the Movement section. This section won’t be as long as the others but it will include stuff that i think is necessary or i think you should atleast be aware of that.

Let’s begin!

First, the most crucial and the essence of the game’s movement.

We call this…

Jump Crouch Boost

This is a very useful movement trick. I will explain this in question:

What is it exactly?

  • It is a technique that helps you gain extra speed to escape situations and makes you overall more mobile.

How to do it?

  • Start running like usually by holding Shift then Jump and crouch mid air. That will give you a speed boost while being in the air. Can be used to reach greater distances.

Is it hard to fully learn?

  • No it is pretty straightforward. I don’t think its that much complicated.

Now heres some footage:

Now the next as i like to call it is…

Ladder Turn

Basically you’re gonna climb ladders and almost at the top hold W and A or D to slide off to a side (helps for quick escapes).

Heres some footage of me doing it in Bomb Tag while mixing in the Boost Technique:

Next is…

Ladder Hop

This is another technique which is just a bonus. There are 2 ways. The first one is not that oftenly used. For the first you just turn yourself almost same degree as i do in the video, and for the second if youre facing this forward do the following:

  • Hold Shift + S + Jump

If youre climbing ladders backwards do:

  • Hold Shift + W + Jump

Heres some footage:

Fast Sliding

A technique that i think is necessary and not hard is fast sliding, you dont crouch when normally.

This doesn’t need much explaining so ill just throw in the footage demonstrating it.

Sorry for bad quality

Once again thanks for reading and let’s go to the next Section of this damn guide trolg. Next up is Maps.


Hello. Welcome to the Maps section, this won’t have much text but will have images. We will only show unique maps.

Some maps have 2 versions 1 small other one is big. you’ll find it.

So firstly the most and only unique Biome.

Ice Biome

You may ask why is it unique?

It’s because its the only biome that affects something in our gameplay not just visually.

Ice affects your movement as previously mentioned.

Theres 3 biomes: Plains, Lava or Frozenlands as i call them. We will use floor is lava example for showcasing them.

Other biomes have nothing special about them.

Next up is…

Lava Rising Map

This map has a siren when lava starts rising and flooding the bottom with lava which deals 12 damage per tick.



And lastly the other unique map is the map which has the elevator. Which is the only one.

Here’s an image:

And that covers everything for the maps! Next is misc.


In this section we will cover other stuff. It can be cool features or things in game.

Lets begin with the cool colored name feature.

for this you need to set your steam username to

  • <color=”yourcolor”>YourName

e.g red, yellow, green, blue

Things to know:

  • In The TAB thing your username will be the color you want. Like this:
  • In the chat it will be the same way however in your screen it will be your name with a color but others will see something like this:
  • People will see your name above your head also the color you have:
  • In the win screen its gonna stay the same way and others will see the color too.

Did you know you can boost yourself in the lobby? No? Now you know.

Also in most of Tag maps or other theres a small radio that plays the crab game (totally not a remix of squid game) music!


Welcome to the Final Section of this Guide!

In this section we will cover Tips and Tricks just in case!

All of this is based on my and my friends experiences.

Let’s Begin with very easy and general ones.

  • To Chat Press Enter.
  • To ban someone as a host – Press Tab > 3 dots and Ban/Kick. P:S: when leaving the game you created you end the whole server.
  • Don’t think you can kill yourself even if the round is over, if you do kill you won’t spawn next round.
  • Fall damage is always on expect on King of the hill gamemode.
  • If you’re having problems joining a lobby theres 2 solutions.
    Check your internet connection.
    It might be the Host’s broadband (internet).
    Even if your wifi is good and the host has bad wifi the whole server will lag.
  • You can hide behind objects in Red Light Green Light as i mentioned in Gamemodes Section. Best works in the ice themed map.
  • Also mentioned in gamemode section that dont focus on knocking people on King of the hill gamemode.
  • You can hold on to a knife in hide and seek because you will be invincible until you kill someone
  • Disclaimer: you can die from fall damage still.
  • Landing from heights onto a ladder doesn’t make you take fall damage 🙂
  • As mentioned in gamemodes section: Stepping stones gameplay doesn’t have any patterns so its all 50/50 everytime.
  • Be aware that the doll doesn’t have a precise interval when is it going to turn around, so be careful it doesn’t turn around a second or two later.
  • Try to seperate yourself from other people when in Red Light Green Light if you are afraid of getting pushed.
  • when pushing other people in Red Light Green Light theres a chance you can get knocked back yourself and die as mentioned.
  • In Green Light Red Light you might want to always press the “S” key to stop as right as you hear the beep sound (most efficient on ice map).
  • Ice themed maps affect your movement.
  • You can Drop your weapon in Lights out with Q and pick them up with E
  • You can use the spinner to gain advantage and escape if someone is chasing you, be aware you can die from fall damage
  • You can use other people to boost yourself in the air, it is pretty cool.
  • In lights out mode its better to look around sideways means. For example you face north and theres an enemy in the west, its more efficient to look with your camera north than trying to see your surroundings facing them directly.
  • In Red Light Green Light you can walk behind other players and it wont detect you.
  • If you’re gonna push someone in floor is lava do it when they’re not looking or wait for them to jump on your platform.


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