Crab Game – Basic Mechanic Guide

Gain speed, slide, jump and counter-strafe.

Mechsnic Giude (How It Works)

Gain Speed

Whenever you run + jump diagonally your character will gain more speed and consequently reach more distant places.

  • (Shift + Space + W + A).
  • (Shift + Space + W + D)

This allows you to reach places you wouldn’t reach by jumping normally and helps you run faster.

Whenever someone is chasing you, you should use this trick. If your opponent is not aware of this trick, he will never be able to catch you.

Infinitely Slide

Another mechanic that exists in this game is sliding on the ground infinitely by running diagonally and then crouching with all the buttons pressed.

  • (Shift + W + A + Crouch)
  • (Shift + W + D + Crouch)

Counter Strafing

In this game, as in CSGO, there is a thing called Counter-Strafing.

Basically Counter strafing = stopping instantly.


  • You move right with your D key, then you release your D key and quickly tap your A key once and you will stop instantly.
  • You move forward with your W key, then you release your W key and quickly tap your S key once and you will stop instantly.

Note: This is useful in the game “Red Light, Green Light”.

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