Crab Game – Water Jumping Glitch

In Crab Game you can be almost like Jesus.

How to Jump on the Water


Do you saw “hackers” jumping on water surface? It’s not a hack! It’s a glitch! Let’s try it too!

How-To (Step-by-Step)

Step 1

  • Go to settings.
  • There’s shouldn’t be a problem, right?
  • Choose “Controls” section.

Step 2

  • Now it’s time to change “Jump” button.
  • Click “Space” and scroll down.

Step 3 Final

After all it should looks like this:

Now it’s time to test it out, right?

Result + Tips

Fun begins here! You must scroll down if you’re going to touch a water surface.

I recommend some practice before real jumping.

Tip: If you have like me, free-spin mode in scroll-wheel to keep spinning really fast without any effort. Also, don’t worry. It’s possible without it, but it’s a little harder!

How to land?

If you launch yourself high you can land without taking damage on slopes by crouching. Walls’ lower edges also act in some cases like slopes, even though they don’t look like them.

How to train?

You can play alone on any map as long as you want on practice mode. To do that click “Start Game” in the menu and choose “Practice/ Freeplay”. There you can actually learn water bouncing. Remember if you jump into the water in practice mode and die after respawn starting bouncing is easier and can be done in places with lower bottom.

That’s an effect:

Important note: it won’t work on lava!

Bonus Part #1

You can actually normally walk on green islands around the map without dying!

Be careful! You can still die if you go under water!

Bonus Part #2

On some maps, if you die and use free camera you can notice small black box in the distance.

It’s actually not that far as I though…

And that’s what I found inside of it.

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