Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time – All Normal Hidden Gem Locations

Every normal hidden gem location in the Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time game.

All Locations of Normal Hidden Gems


This guide details every Hidden Gem in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, how to find and collect them.

Hidden Gems are hidden in the levels, in obscure places where you can’t see them most of the time.

There’s two for all the standard and Timeline levels: one for the Normal version and another for the N.Verted version, both found in completely different locations in the level.

N. Sanity Island

Rude Awakening

In the third section of the level, in the village of the Natives, jump into the hut from below.

N. Sanity Peak

Hidden Gem is in the section where you run away from the Guardian.

Run along the left wall and you’ll find the Gem among some bones.

The Hazardous Wastes

A Real Grind

Found at the very end of the level, after the platforming section with Lani-Loli.

When you’re at the top, jump to the left to get to a spot with two boxes.

Use the boxes for a Spring Double Jump to get to the high platform and get the gem.

Crash Compactor

Found after the grind rail section. Go back to the ledge where the rails end, then pan the camera down with to find a small opening with a Box. You’ll have to drop down and Double Jump to land in this spot to hit the Box.

When you’re back up, go forwards and around the corner.

Up on the wall behind the Chainsaw Enemy you should see an opening with the Hidden Gem in it (if you didn’t hit the ! Box, there’ll be a metal wall in the box instead).

Hit the Road

Before the checkpoint, after getting Lani-loli, you should see a Nitro Box with an Arrow Box on top, with an opening you can slide through.

Use a Slide Double Jump do get up to the platform, Slide Jump into the Arrow Box and up top you’ll see the Hiddem Gem.

Truck Stopped

Found at the end of the outdoor portion when playing as Tawna.

You’ll see a view of the factory with a moving car. Pan the camera right to spot an area you can jump to.

Jump towards the camera over the spike and you’ll spot the Hidden Gem on an elevated platform.

Salty Wharf

Booty Calls

Found near the end of the level, after the high platforms.

Drop down to the bottom, go right and face the camera.

Jump onto the floating platform to find a tiny platform with a treasure chest on it: hit the chest to get the Gem.

Hook, Line and Sinker

Can be found on the second ship.

After the second Checkpoint, get up the Wall Jump slot and stop.

Pan the camera up with you’ll see the Gem behind the rail of a background area.

Jetboard Jetty

Found at the very end of the side-scrolling obstacle course.

The final obstacle are two boxes underneath a tower of six Iron Boxes. Jump onto the dock, and Double Jump on top of the Iron Box tower to get the Gem.

Thar He Blows!

Found at the corner next to a TNT Barrel, jump in the crow’s nest to find the Gem.

Tranquility Falls

Give It a Spin

Found after the second Checkpoint. After you jump the TNT Boxes, you’ll see a platform to the right in front of a waterfall.

From here, Dark Spin Double Jump as far right as possible to land on a side area with a big stack of boxes and the Hidden Gem.

Potion Commotion

Found in Tawna’s section. After the Wall Jump spot, drop down to a wooden platform. Jump the gap and go around the corner to find the Hidden Gem.

Draggin’ On

Found at the ledge where you find the first Lion creature. Get inside the spot the creature was in and go left to enter a hidden section. Smash the Locked Boxes then get the Hidden Gem at the very end.


This gem is found at the End of a Hidden Route.

After Checkpoint 6, in a spot where you have to jump over a platform with Nitro Boxes, you’ll find a vent(ඞ) that blows you upwards. Instead of going left, drop down to land in the side-path.

In this section, head through the opening doorway, and complete the platforming mini-gauntlet to find the Gem just sittin’ there.

Mosquito Marsh

Off Beat

Found in the second rooftop section after the Bonus Round, between two Juggler enemies on a broken walkway. Deal with them, then jump to the solid section on the left side of the walkway to get the Hidden Gem.

Home Cookin’

From Dino’s Diner, make a turn around the counter to get back outside.

Follow the path here and then Glide off at the end of the walkway to land on a platform with the Hidden Gem.

Run it Bayou

Found close to the Checkpoint where you get Jetboard for the second time.

Instead of jumping on it, look to the right to spot a large barrel: there’s an ! Box hiding behind it that you can Spin.

Now backtrack to where you landed off the last Rope and pan the camera right.

You should see a row of Iron Boxes. At the end of the row is the Hidden Gem.

No Dillo Dallying

Found at the start of Dingodile’s side-scrolling section.

Glide Left past the giant barrel to land on some Iron Arrow Boxes.

The 11th Dimension

Snow Way Out

Found in the first section of moving ice platforms, after Checkpoint 4.

Head to the rightmost row of platforms and keep an eye out on your right for a static ice platform.

Jump right to find a stack of boxes. Do not smash the boxes.

Pan the camera up and you can spot the Hidden Gem above them.

Ship Happens

Found at the starting Cortex section, after Checkpoint 2.

Make your way up using the Iron Arrow Box. Move left to land on a pair of steps with two Boxes on them.

From here, Dash left and you’ll spot the Hidden Gem on top of some Boxes.

Stay Frosty

Found close to the Final Checkpoint, after you get Kupuna-Wa and go through the short platforming section with the falling icicles.

On the other side, jump up the steps, turn around to get up to a walkway.

On the far end on the walkway, Spring bounce on the Box and Double Jump to land where the Gem is.

Bears Repeating

Found in the section with the rotating platforms,

At the end you’ll encounter the final two platforms with drones on them.

Drop down where there is a red light to land on a small platform with the Gem on it.

Building Bridges

Walk towards the camera after the first Wall Jump spot and drop down to find the Gem.

Eggipus Dimension

Blast to the Past

Found during the second grind vines section.

After going around the first bend, there is a spot where you have to jump left to a Box.

Jump back to the right to land behind the tree log.

Fossil Fueled

Found in the Cortex jungle section.

After turning the first enemy into a Block and jumping over the fog, go down into the fog to find the Gem

Dino Dash

Found at the lava section, after the second T. Rex chase.

At the Checkpoint, pan the camera right and you should see on the far right the Gem sticking out from the background.

Head past the Aku Aku Box, drop down the ledge, then walk right into the screen.

Rock Blocked

Located in the first side-scrolling section.

At some point you’ll land on a platform with three TNT Boxes. Jump over them and Glide towards the camera to a tree stump, and Glide again to get to a safe area with the Hidden Gem.

Bermugula’s Orbit

Out for Launch

Found behind one of the pipes at the top of the elevator and before the first Wall Running section.

Shipping Error

Found during Cortex’s section. After a drop with some Wumpa Fruit, walk forwards off the ledge to land on a lower balcony with the Gem on it.

Stowing Away

Later on in the level you’ll find a second side-scrolling vent(ඞ) and flip gravity to fall upwards through a long shaft. Walk right to fall down a second hidden shaft.

Walk right and Spin to hit an ! Box, which moves a block out of your way. Walk left as far as you can to find the Gem.

Crash Landed

At a certain point in the level you’ll go through a side-scrolling section after the Bonus Round with Ika-Ika, and lose him as you enter a tunnel section.

After the Checkpoint you’ll get Ika-Ika again.

Return to the edge of the pit and flip gravity to fall upwards through a hole and into an upper tunnel.

Walk forwards a bit and then flip gravity back to land where the Hidden Gem is.

The Sn@xx Dimension

Food Run

Found at the first ‘car jumping’ platform section.

The Gem is found to the left of this area.

Rush Hour

Found at the end of Dingodile’s section.

After his final side-scrolling traffic jump section, you’ll land on a platform leading into the end elevator.

Continue right across the traffic roofs a bit more and then Glide into an alleyway.

Get to the end, and get onto a platform with the Hidden Gem on it.

The Crate Escape

Found in the crossing luggage trolleys section.

Continue down until you get to the platform with the Iron Arrow Box: high jump and fire the Blaster towards the camera to hit an ! Box.

Backtrack a bit to find a new Iron Arrow Box, which will spring you up to the Hidden Gem.

Cortex Island

Nitro Processing

At some point you’ll come across a pair of giant rotating cogs, with the upper one lit in red.

Get to the top of the cog using Ika-Ika to get the Gem.

Toxic Tunnels

Found at the end of the Colored Gem gauntlet.

Cortex Castle

Found near the second Checkpoint inside the laser gauntlet at the end.

After you hit the checkpoint, stand on the left side of the platform and wait for the moving lasers to come back and jump on top of the laser emitter.

Use the TNT Box to get up higher and find the Gem.

Seeing Double

Found in the starting Cortex section.

At some point you’ll use an ! Box to move a platform in to block a laser wall for you.

Instead of doing that, use the Iron Arrow Box below to get on top of the platform.

From here, jump into the open window. You’ll find the Hidden Gem at another open window.

You can then jump out on the other side of the laser wall.

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