CRIMESIGHT – Tips and Tricks for New Players

Here you can find few useful unmentioned stuff.

Beginners Tips

  1. Click close in the upper right of subtitles to skip all, speeding up gameplay for all.
  2. Secret doors still block LOS between rooms when opened, like walls. Rooms remain the same and you have to be inside the same room to be a witness.
  3. Moriarty can sprint a pawn without ailments at any time.


  • Directly spraying a pawn with tear gas and trapping a secret door are both mentioned in passing, but do not seem to be possible. Pawns take damage if they the end turn in gas, and secret doors only allow movement between rooms.

Gameplay Tips Bonus

Basic Sherlock tips

  • (4 player mode) Communicate with your team as much as possible, its how you figure out who is playing as Moriarity.
  • Beware of being fooled in the last turn when its a vote tiebreaker. If someone stalked target 99% of the game, they were probably the killer. Moriarity+Irene votes will show up so they can mislead you but do not count. The killer needs to be voted by Sherlocks(not sure how many in multi-sherlock games, but I’ve confirmed 1 sherlock vote isn’t enough in 4 player mode with 3 sherlocks)

Unknown stuff related to food timing

  • I’ll add if I discover anything related to manual feeding here. E.g. when they next get hungry, how many hunger afflictions are removed, etc.

For now

  • It seems that if you feed a pawn with 2 critical hunger afflictions at night, the next day they’ll be hungry. Effectively losing 2 hunger for 1 food. Note that this is the same result a hungry pawn gets anyway if they auto eat food, they’ll be restored to full next day(lose 1 hunger and negate 1 hunger), which is efficent food usage.

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