Crossfar – Team Tactics Guide

Like any other team sport, playing Crossfar requires tactics and coordination, in this guide, we go over common tactics in the game.

Guide to Team Tactics

Guide Overview

Notice: in terms of the number of strategies that can be employed by a team. Crossfar can be compared to Chess or Football. there is simply no one correct way to play this game. Therefore the guide is detailed and will be updated regularly as new tactics are discovered by pro players and noticed by the authors.

in the first section, we only go through explaining general terminology and concepts that will be used often in this guide. if you are already familiar with these terms feel free to skip to the next sections.

Crossfar Terminology

  • Warp Gate – is the gate from which players enter the battle arena. crossing other teams’ “warp gate” is the objective of the game.
  • Breach / Cross – is the act of crossing other teams’ gate threshold, by which a player scores for their team.
  • Flank – refers to a general area in the middle of both gates in the game. Usually chased by words (top, right, lower & left). Flank can also mean relative to one player’s location, depending on the sentence it was used in.
  • Mother ship – is the largest AI-controlled vessel in the game, defending the team’s warp gate.
  • Carrier ship – is the second-largest AI-controlled vessel in the game, defending each flank.
  • Drone/ Drones – refer to the player-controlled vessels in crossfar. can be each one of 5 classes in the game.
  • Sphere/ Arena – is the primitive area in between the gates, where players are allowed to fly in without losing signal to control their drones.
  • Battle-Wings – is a type of drone that usually plays a Main-DPS role.
  • Light-Wings – is a type of drone that usually plays a Support-DPS role.
  • Battle-Core – is a type of drone that usually plays an Off-Tank (Offensive-Tank) role.
  • Field-Cruiser – is a type of drone that usually plays a Support-Tank role.
  • Field-Bomber – is a type of drone that usually plays a Support-DPS / Area Damage role.
  • Ability / Special Ability / Specials – special powers specific to each drone class that can be replenished by cooldown. and used throughout gameplay for a specific purpose.
  • Ulti / Ultimate / Ultimate-Ability – is the 3rd ability of each drone class that becomes available through obtaining Ulti-Points.
  • Ulti-Points – points earned by players with dealing damage/eliminating enemies.
  • Killstreak – a number of kills one player has inflicted subsequently on the enemy team without dying.
  • Torpedo – Battle-Wings’ first ability.
  • Smoke-Screen – Battle-Wings’ second ability.
  • Homing Missile – Battle-Wings’ Ultimate ability.
  • B-Link – Light-Wings’ first ability.
  • EMP/EMP Charge – Light-Wings’ second ability.
  • Spread-Chokes – Light-Wings’ Ulti ability.
  • Return-Fire – Battle-Cores’ first ability.
  • Shield/ Energy Shield – Battle-Cores’ Second ability.
  • Tyusha – Battle-Cores’ Ulti ability.
  • Stingers – Field-Cruisers’ first ability.
  • Field-Repair – Field-Cruisers’ second ability.
  • Quick-Aid – Field-Cruisers’ Ulti ability.
  • Bombardment – Field-Bombers’ first ability.
  • Mines/Field-Mines – Field-Bombers’ second ability.
  • Fireworks – Field-Bombers’ Ulti ability.
  • Team Fight – when whole teams or a subset of each team clashes in a group usually at a specific point of the arena, trying to gain control or get past or stop the opposition from progressing.
  • Battle – one full Game/match from start to end.
  • Squad/Squadron – a team of 5 or fewer players on one side working together to win a battle.
  • Defensive line – an imaginary line is drawn parallel to the gate somewhere in the arena by the presence of defending teams’ players.
  • Offensive Line – an imaginary line is drawn by the furthest player of the attacking team, from their own gate.
  • Turrets – a mother ship or carrier’s main weapon.
  • Effective Range/ WEZ / Weapons’ effective zone – a specific weapon’s maximum range at which can deal damage to a target.
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