Crossfar – The Field-Cruiser Guide

Field cruiser drones are the support-tank class in Crossfar. In this guide we go over class specs and how to play this role.

Guide to Field Cruiser

Field-Cruiser Class Specifications


  • Highest armor and durability between classes.
  • Long-range cannons as the main weapon.
  • Dangerous to get close to.
  • Can heal self and others.
  • Can deny map control where they are.


  • Very slow movement speed.
  • Low fire rate.
  • Slow turning and handling.
  • Without stingers can be valnurable at medium to close range.

Special Abilities

  1. Stingers: radar guided stinger missiles. requires targets within range to fire. locks without the need to aim, at enemies deals high damage. and can lock to 4 targets simultaneously.
  2. Field-Repair: repairs self and all friendlies nearby instantly restoring 250HP.

Ultimate Ability

  • Quick-Aid: sends a small repair drone to heal a friendly. must be aimed precisely at the target. best used at carriers and mothership.

Player Traits

  • Playing Field-Cruiser requires patience, good aim, sniping skills coordination, and good situational awareness.

Field-Cruiser Role Tips and Tricks

  • Field-Cruiser drones are designed for defense, fire support, and providing repair on the field.
  • Given their traits, they make the best pick for support tank roles. and they are the go-to class when you need a fortress somewhere in the field.

Combat Tips

Field-Cruiser relies on Long-Range advantage and special abilities. being Large and sturdy makes them not maneuverable and extremely easy to hit. but on the other hand, getting within the range to attack then is not easy. also if enemies get too close to you, using stingers can get you easy kills. just be careful not to waste them. for they take long to replenish.

Both your special abilities are made to make things easier for holding your position. you can use Stingers every 30 seconds and every 30 seconds you can perform field repair.

Stingers have short range. and require targets to be too close. therefore this class is best to deny access to choke points and sensitive areas like in front of the gate.

In Offensive Situations

You do not want to push way too far into enemy territory as a field cruiser. usually, the midfield is the furthest you would want to go as your drone performs better in combat at longer distances. playing the role of long-range artillery. also, big cannon projectiles will not easily penetrate a carrier’s or mothership’s armor. but they are very effective in dealing damage to player drones. just be careful not to accidentally hit your friendlies in their backs.

In Defensive Situations

In a defensive scenario, you are the last line of defense. The goalkeeper. Best to hang back near the gate and take shots at enemies coming towards you. If your backs are against the wall. Use your field repair to heal yourself and your friendlies. This breaths life to your team’s ability to stay in the fight longer and repel the attack. Also do not be shy to use stingers if anything attempts to get too close to you or the gate. Just remember you probably won’t get a chance to use them twice in one fight.
It’s also important to stay alive and get killstreaks, your ultimate can heal carriers, and undo the enemy’s progress in the game partially.

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