Crypt – Nightmare Mode Tips & Detailed Walkthrough

Just a few things I picked up with the help of some other guides while beating Nightmare mode.

Tips and Walkthrough

Helpful Tips

From my experience over quite a few failed runs, it seems that the first tome will either be in one of the pots in the first two rooms, a pot in the room with the pillar puzzle, or somewhere in the lever room, usually within sight from the area with the levers. If it isn’t in these places then it’s on the top floor of the maze.

The second and third tomes will be on the bottom and middle floor, respectively

Edit: It also seems that moving diagonally IS faster according to a couple different people. I started doing it just in case because I figured the game is goofy enough that it might work, and apparently I was right.

If I find the first tome before going into either puzzle room I’ll just head straight to the maze as you can do the puzzles easily later, assuming you know the solves/read a guide. If I find it in the pillar room I’ll skip the maze until later. Otherwise if it’s not in any of those spots I’ll head straight to the top floor of the maze to make sure it’s there and I didn’t miss it. It’s possible there could be two on one of the other floors but I’ve never seen it after way too many runs. Also keep in mind after you find the tomes on the bottom or middle floor you don’t need to keep exploring that floor besides going to get the key on the middle floor.

After this I’ll go to the bottom floor to find the tome, and then end on the middle floor so I can go straight to grabbing the first key. I find that on the top and bottom floors you can just hug the left wall and keep going until you’ve looped the whole floor; this lets you search everywhere and not need to keep referencing a map.

Once you get to the middle floor, I’ll hug left until I get to the larger square room with 4 entrances. When you enter, check the entrance that’s straight in front of you. It’s a sudden dead end and the tome can be there. If not, go back out and go to the entrance on the left side from where you entered, the one that’s further away, then hug the left wall until you’ve explored the whole thing, as there’s at least three spots for a tome to spawn and I’ll usually have found it by then. Otherwise try one of the other two entrances to the square room and hug left until you find the last tome, then reference a map to go back to the place you entered that room and find your way over to the key.

Once you have the first key you can stay relaxed and go back to the pillar room, solving the puzzle if you haven’t already and grabbing the key there. You can experiment with doing the lever room first but I don’t like it as much, especially in Nightmare mode. After this you can go and insert the first two keys if you want, make sure to go in the right order, 3 1 2 4, 3 being just to the right of the door.

Now if you’re in normal mode you can make your way to the lever room and solve it if you haven’t already. If you see Greg, he’s more scared of you than you are of him, but be prepared to run back a little as he could come a bit too close before running off. Sounds also tell you when he’s near enough to cause trouble. If you’re in Nightmare mode be very careful especially when you get to the stairs, as the Gregs will not hesitate to sprint up and give you a big kiss on the lips, just stay at the top of the stairs a little ways back and wait them out until you don’t hear anything from them, then you can quickly but carefully run down into the room, again being cautious that they will get a little too close before running away sometimes, and the ones on the pillars between bridges may decide to leap at you for no reason and waste 10 minutes of your life. When you get to the third key, wait for your energy to fill then grab it, book it into the pit to grab the fourth key, and immediately run to the left wall and stay against it.

Normal Mode

Easy Peasy

Now if you’re in normal mode, you can just run to the door, and if you start to hear Greg, back off and wait around until the coast seems clear to get through the hallways. Once you insert the keys, he’ll be very fast and you’ll have to ensure he never gets close enough to start chasing you. When you hear him, backtrack and don’t be afraid to sprint if he seems to be close or getting closer. Follow the guides and make your way to all the possible exits until you’re free. It’s nerve-wracking but eventually with a few tries you’ll get it, or look to the Nightmare mode advice below for a way to cheese Greg, but be warned I haven’t tested this in normal mode.

Nightmare Mode

Enjoy getting kissed on the lips repeatedly.

Now, if you’re in Nightmare mode, from here on out you need to stick to the walls like glue, as the wall trick mentioned in other guides seems to be that wherever you hit the wall will attract the Gregs, making you relatively safe if you stay by the wall and move away from that point.

Sticking to the wall as best as you can, and listening for Gregs, make your way back into the main room. The first difficulty is if a Greg shows up to block off your hallway. Just remember you can run away if you’ve saved some stamina, and then smack into a wall and move along it to get any nearby Gregs stuck there. Wait for the right opportunity and run, trying to get all the way through as quickly as you can before more show up. Save your energy if you can’t hear anything nearby and run when you have enough to make it to a new safe spot with the wall trick.

One of the biggest problems I had was Gregs coming out of rooms where they would head towards the wall I selected, but their path would crash them into me even when they weren’t actually coming for me. Just be careful what walls you select and be ready to run and kite them to evade any bad pathing they choose. I like to get them clumped up towards the maze and then slide along the wall so I can dash up the stairs to put the last keys in.

Now for the really hard part, getting into the pillar room. If you’re lucky all the Gregs are in the room with you and you can somewhat safely run into the pillar room, sticking to the walls as much as you can and hopefully you won’t even have to deal with any Gregs, but if you do just stick them to another wall. If the exit isn’t here, good luck.

Next, try to get back out. Again, if you’re quick and lucky there won’t be any trouble and you can sneak back out with no issues, potentially finding some Gregs in the main room where you can easily drop down and find safety in the wall. If you’ve somehow made your way out, you’ll likely find Gregs starting to pool by the wall where you dropped down, and I’d recommend hiding out by the maze entrance so that the ones leaving the maze won’t path into you. In my successful attempt I actually counted most of the 10 come out of the maze. In many failed attempts I was impatient and went in only to find a Greg popping right out of the corner to kiss me on the mouth. Once you don’t hear anything coming from the maze, wait.

Just keep waiting, until you think it’s safe, then wait 10 more seconds. You should be safe and there’s no harm in waiting just a little longer. Now run in and cling to the walls, heading for the middle floor. Make your way to the big square room following the map and again, cling to walls and listen. I found I would hear Gregs in here but they were usually distant and if they became visible I could often wall trick them, but sometimes you might just get really unlucky like I did a few times.

Once you’re in the square room, go to the far right corner entrance and then hug the left wall. You’ll be heading towards the second possible exit, and if you pray enough like I did this will be the way out and you’ve done it. If not, keep hugging that left wall until you’ve looped around to where the third possible exit is. I found that this one wasn’t on the map I saw, but there’s a video in another guide that shows all the locations and you could mark them if you really wanted.

If you still haven’t found the exit, be proud you haven’t died yet, and then probably die from some random Greggening on your way to floor one. If you make it to floor one, pull up the videos or a map with the exits marked, again I don’t think these exits were marked on the map I found, but another guide shows them in videos. I never once made it to checking the floor one exits, as both successes I had were on the middle floor, or I would check the middle and then die. But now it’s the same as before, cautiously listening for Gregs, using the wall trick, and hopefully finally finding that sweet sweet exit. Just know that if you die, you’re probably better off as you’ll likely end up finding it sooner or dying, just try again, and again, and again.

Alright, so you beat the game or gave up!

Congratulations, I hope you found what you were looking for and if you won I hope the achievements and the sweet, sweet treasure were worth it. If you gave up, at least you got to kiss Greg on the lips.

Written by Rosencrantz

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