Crystal Clash – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Crunchy Leaf Games?

  • We’re a small team of indie developers and gamers ourselves.

How long have you worked on this game prior to release?

  • The original team worked on the game for 4 years before finally being able to release it.

Is the game Pay-to-win?

  • The game is not pay-to-win as you can unlock any cards in the game with in-game currencies. Our business model is free-to-play and pay-to-advance-faster, the ONLY things that can only be bought with real money are skins, to help support the game. You can also buy profile and deck icons, and also emotes when we release them, with both types of currencies as well.

Are there other platforms or OS planned besides Steam/Windows?

  • No, at the moment it is PC Windows only.

Do you plan to balance the game for single color or dual color decks more?

  • Balancing the game for dual-colors also means that single color decks get balanced at the same time, so we’re definitely aiming to balance dual-color decks.

What is the maximum level?

  • The maximum is currently set at level 60.

What is in place to prevent a new player from getting destroyed by a veteran in Quick Play matches?

  • We have separated the game into 4 tiers and you can ONLY be matched against players in the same tier. That means no matter how you and your opponent acquired your cards, your decks are still of similar strength.

What are the differences between the types of cards?

  • Spawners are placed on the grid and release units over time, while the summons, spells and buildings are cast by the player within a friendly zone of control.

How does the spawning work?

  • The grid is composed of 20 tiles. Every 2 seconds a random tile fades from the grid. If you have a spawner on it it will spawn the unit. Every 40 seconds the grid refreshes and the order in which the tiles fade is randomized.

Why are the spawns randomized, will we ever be able to choose the order of spawn?

  • The spawns are randomized because some years ago when the game was being developed it became quite clear that having a fixed order of spawning was much less fun. The idea was thoroughly tested and we feel confident in saying that it is many times more fun with the randomized spawners. There is the possibility of making an event to allow players to experience it for themselves but this is not a priority at this point.

What if I think there’s a card or combo that is breaking the game and needs to be nerfed asap?

  • Feedback is really important for us in that regard, you can let us know preferably through the Discord server, or also via Steam forums, just make sure to mention the tier at which you are noticing the imbalance because what might be OP in bronze tier might not require any changes whatsoever in the other tiers.

Will you introduce more maps in the game?

  • There won’t be new maps in the near future since we are a very small team and it takes a long time to create one. We are considering seasonal themed maps as an option.

I had to go away for X reason and lost my premium time, can I get some extra?

  • Sorry but unless it’s an extraordinary circumstance we will not be issuing a refund. We are considering implementing an option to turn off premium time. We do however give out premium time whenever the servers have prolonged hiccups.
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