Cult of the Lamb – How to Battle the Bishops Beyond Their Graves

Failed to get the No Damage achievements for the Bishops? Fear not, because you can refight them without needing a new save!

Guide to Battle the Bishops Beyond Their Graves


Greetings and Salutations, Fellow Cult Leaders!

Have you killed one or more Bishops but failed to do them perfectly? Lamenting your loss of achievements and preparing to create a new save file? Well worry not, because you actually can refight the Bishops beyond their graves, and this guide shall show you how!

Step 1: Kill The Bishops Normally

Obviously, before you can refight any of the Bishops, you must first… kill them normally. Shocker, I know.

As far as I am aware, you can perform the below steps at any point after killing an area’s Bishop, even before defeating The One Who Waits.

Step 2: Return to the Old Faith and Find a Dead Bishop’s Statue

After killing an area’s Bishop, return and embark on another holy Crusade until you find a statue of the deceased false idol.

It’ll look a bit different, but no less blasphemous. Which is why you’re going to smash it!

Step 3: Enter Portal, Repeat History

You’ll still get the devotion stored inside the statue, but more importantly, you’ll notice a portal at the base of where the statue used to be.

Now all you need to do is travel through, and it’ll be like you went back in time!

Step 4: Profit

Congratulations! Now you may slay the Bishops however many times you’d like and obtain the No Damage Achievements! Good luck, Little Lamb!

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