Cult of the Lamb – How to Obtain Copious Ammounts of Meat

This guide will help you gather meat (not the follower variety) by embracing RNG.

Meat in The Wild

When exploring the dungeons you can come across a campfire it will always drop MEAT when destroyed.

Sometimes a campfire can appear destroyed but as long as it is naturally spawned you can still “destroy” it for meat.

Uses for Meat


Farming Meat

There are only two options for farming meat.

  • The Upgraded Scare Crow.
  • The Offering Statue.

And the only Right way is of course the Offering Statue.

I’ll be calling it the shrine because it’s shorter.

The Shrine is an early game building that requires no upkeep and works without any followers assigned to it.

When a follower has nothing to do and the Shrine isn’t on cooldown the follower will restock it.

(The Offering as well as it’s ammount are random).

The Shrine has to be collected manually but it can be done instantly unlike unloading toilets etc.

After a Shrine has been harvested it will go on cooldown this is not displayed anywhere on the shrine but it will still take effect.

When on cooldown no follower will want to deposit an offering on that specific shrine. This can be circumvented by simply placing more shrines, because their cooldowns are seperate.

Note that a single follower can restock all the shrines.

Most of the random offerings are usefull but right now we are only focusing on the MEAT so we’ll be actively working against the RNG.

From my observations i’ve determined the chance for MEAT to be roughly 10% and the colldown to be 1/4 (quarter) of the in game day.

Which means that theoretically we would need to have 10 shrines to get at least one meat offering per rotation.

With all the previouse logic added together we can construct a perfect MEAT farm setup which looks like this.

(The more shrines the better)

Written by ToxickMan20


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