Cult of the Lamb – How to Restore Sanitary Back to Full after Dropping below Half

Suffered from 0 sanitary and cannot recover? Try this!


So I was on a crusade and found two of my followers died of old age in my base, by the time when I have returned (as soon as I could), I’ve noticed that my sanitary has dropped below half.

Did a quick burial and clean up any mess possible in the town, but the sanitary meter will just keep dropping until it’s completely drained. There was no way for me to raise the value back up.


Although I do have outhouses and Janitor station, the first will only raise sanitary bar if overflows (having 5 poop at level 1, 15 poop at level 2), and the latter will only allow your follower to clean up if there’s visible poop/vomit on ground, or else the feature is grayed out. In short, having these doesn’t really help to keep the sanity bar up to max at all times.

Also, once sanity bar hits yellow (when below half), it’ll start to tick every once so often even when there’s no vomit or poop or dead bodies around, until it dropped all the way down to zero, in other words, once your sanity bar hits yellow, it’s game over for you.


So what if you have a 0 sanitary?

Well, your followers will get sick every so often, and could potentially die from illness. They could cure by resting, but some traits makes it even harder to heal. Or you could spend 15 camellias at a healing bay to instantly heal up the follower.

Work Around

But I know why you are here for, so let’s make some preparations.

  1. Build one or two Camellia farm
  2. Build a healing bay
  3. Build over 25 outhouses (level 1, not 2)
  4. Prepare a lot of food for a long fight

So item 1 and 2 is quite self explanatory, it’s so that you can generate a constant flow of camellias to heal your followers when they get sick.

And item 3 and 4… well, your goal is try to overflow the outhouses, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

I tend to move the overflowed outhouse to the corner of the town so it doesn’t affect most of the followers. Once all the outhouses are overflowed, you would then try to clean them all up in one swoop, which should be able to bring your sanitary bar back to green, and once green, you’ll notice that it will stay green and will not drop any more.

Crisis averted… until your followers start to die while you are on crusade again.

Written by WillySunny

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