Cult of the Lamb – No Damage Boss Achievements / No Golden Fleece

This is a guide for all no hit bosses after the 8/2022 Golden Fleece nerf.


Since the nerf of Golden Fleece, and not being able to stack damage past 200%, a new strategy was developed to handle bosses to achieve all four of the no-hit boss achievements.

Soon you will be able to 100% the game. I clocked the 100% at twenty-four hours.

How to Easily Beat All Four Bosses

The easiest way post-Golden Fleece is to use the Glass of Fleece.

Since we can no longer do physical damage past 200%, we will do double the damage for curses and use it towards our advantage.

First, unlock Glass of Fleece. It will look like this:

Second, unlock your whole tree in the sermons, to gain access to godly weapons and the curse tile that gives divine protection. You will want these to do highest physical base weapon damage and to be able to focus on sending damage.

Third, go into a dungeon wearing Glass of Fleece, and you will see that your curse count has doubled. Choose paths that let you fight and seek out the tarot cards that will allow you to reduce fervour or increase your fervour damage. You don’t need the cards to beat the bosses. This will assist in making your chances easier. In addiiton, these paths may give you an opportunity to find the blacksmith to swap weapons.

What you are hoping for is a godly weapon and divine protection. Divine protection is key — it makes life Extremely Easy.

Lastly, time your divine protection casts as close to the boss to do curse damage, and whack away with your weapon — and your run should look like below:

It is ok if you don’t kill the boss in your first instance!!!

When you replay, you will see these statues that you can steal devotion from. Destroy these and you will be provided a portal to replay the final boss. As long as you have not progressed to the next tile, you can freely walk between rooms and return once you clear an area.

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