Cultivation Story: Reincarnation – How to Beat End Boss

Tips to Beat End Boss

Its all about combos. First if you get them in a run, i would suggest getting the boss and elite record. These will give you extra loot(most notably extra passives) per kill on elites or bosses. I would also suggest doing trial zones and libraries when you get them.

Then you need the dire hit combo, this is practically necessary to beat the game. This needs 2 of the following: Acuity/Luohan’s Grip/Sight Focus/Great Precision. This combo of passives makes it so that all crit rate above 100% will give the chance to double crit(crit dmgxcrit dmg). This is what will make your hits do ridiculous damage. Another Good combo is the thunder damage one, not sure of its name but it requires Thunder Attribute (all damage/skills are thunder type) and Chi Generation of all types (metal gen water/wood gen fire etc). This will add thunder attribute to attacks, then double it due to the combo and then this will also be affected by crits etc.

Then you need to choose your weapon combo, my preferred one is Yin Yang + Technique of Fengshue (spirit regen speed+20%) + Math (comprehension+20).

Then the most important thing is to use black tortoise shield skill. This will basically give you x amounts of hits where you are immune to damage. Its totally broken and if you get enough CD reduction, you are practically immortal.

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