Cuphead – All Coin Locations (The Delicious Last Course DLC)

Here you can find all coin locations in the The Delicious Last Course DLC for the Cuphead game.

Locations of All Coins

Chalice Tutorial – 1 Coin

Complete Ms. Chalice’s tutorial section and reach the coin.

NPC Chat – 3 Coins

Speak to the NPC with the newspapers for three coins.

Secret Passage – 1 Coin

Go to the three characters next to the shop, between them and behind the shop you will find a secret passage that leads to a coin.

King’s Leap Challenges – ? Coins

While on Inkwell Isle IV, you will find a wooden rope ladder that falls from the sky. If you go up it, you will find the King Leap challenges, a series of bosses that you will have to defeat by only jumping and parrying. Get gold for each boss that you defeat.


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