Cuphead – All Levels Pacifist

A guide to how to beat every coin level with a pacifist rank.

Pacifist Ranks Guide

Forest Follies

To complete this, you are going to need at least the second super art from the next world.

Now, make your way to the acorn maker while parrying until you have 5 cards for your special. When you reach the acorn maker, go directly next to it, jump and use your super art. This should give you a hop over the acorn maker. Now, dash your way to the end of the level. If done correctly, you should get your P rank for this level.

Treetop Trouble

To complete this level, you do not need any charm or super art to get pacifist rank, but it becomes more easier with twin heart and the second super art.

When you get to the part where you climb upwards with bugs flying towards you, carefully dodge the stump people. When you get to the top, hold jump and at the peak of your jump, dash forward. This will avoid hitting the stump boys and hurting the stump boys either. Once you get to the dragon fly, if you have your second super art equipped, use it now to get past it. Otherwise, you are going to need to take a hit and dash off onto the right of off screen. This will reward you with a P rank.

Funhouse Frazzle

You do not need any charms or super art to complete this stage, but they both always make the stages easier!

Dash to the giant wall that spits cars out. If you carefully time your jump and dash, you can go through the mouth when it opens. When you get to the other side, it appears that it died, but this won’t effect your grade. Stay on the bottom of the floor until you get to the first conveyor belt like platform. Platform your way until the instrument. With a careful dash and the right timing, you can get past all of them without getting hit. Once you get to the second and final wall, go on the opposite side of where it will stick it’s tongue out at and wait for the tongue to go back in. Quickly, rush to the other side of the floor and enter threw it’s mouth while it is still open. Congratulations, you are half way to having the “Pacifist” achievement!

Funfair Fever

For this stage you are going to need the super art in this world, you do not need any charm, but twin heart or smoke bomb are the best charms for this.

When the balloons are progressing towards you, get all 5 parries on a pink balloon. This is the most effective way to get all 5 parries early on in the level. Once you get to the area with the baseballs flying at you, if you haven’t already, parry the pink baseballs until you have 5 cards. For those without smoke bomb, use your super art and quickly dash forward. This should give you just enough time to get past the mini-boss. If you have smoke bomb, dash right before you hit the monkey looking robots. This works the whole way through. Get to the duck machine, either take a hit and go through or use the smoke bomb to duck under it and dash through the outside. Now, platform to the hot dog. Once the pretzel jumps, dash under it and move on. You need to take a hit or use your super art to get past the hot dog. Afterwards, you are 2/3 done with this guide.

Ruggid Ridge

To beat this level, you don’t need to, but you should equip the second super art and the twin hearts charm.

On your way to the elevating platform, when the enemies throw their pickaxes and if you are close to the edge, you can stand in front of them. For the dragon rocks, when they are not screaming you can carefully time your jump and dash to avoid taking a hit from them. Dash your way to the scale or cliff behind them and continue on. When you get to the elevating platform, jump and dash over the sand men while getting some parries. When you get down, try parrying some of the pink ink that the pigs spit at you. Parry their heads over the gates and move on. There will be a dragon rock between the two pig gates, so use the same strategy from earlier to move on. When you get to the chase area, move on normally (without trying to hit anything since I don’t know what outriggers the P rank). There is one more stage after that which I consider to be the hardest one.

Perilous Piers

You don’t need any charms or super arts, but nevertheless, it becomes easier with them on.

On the enemies with spikes that shoot more spikes, you can also do the same trick with the dragon rocks where you can stand on the ledge with them. Move on and you will eventually come across the hardest area; the octopus cannon. Complete this area carefully and fight the urge to press your shoot button. Once you reach the end, you have officially become a pacifist in Cuphead!


With the final level in Cuphead being completed, you can talk to the turtle next to the “Perilous Piers” level and receive the black & white visual style. With this you will also get a vintage sound mode. To activate either, pause the game and go to options, then go to audio or visual. There will be an option to activate the filter/sound option.

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