Cuphead – How to Get 9 Hearts (New Secret)

This is about new secret after The Delicious Last Course DLC was released.

Guide to Get 9 Hearts (New Secret)


Choose the Twin Heart and rotate 2 seconds with the character in the island to have 9 lives.

In Game

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  1. to anyone who didn’t get it, in the keyboard you need to press one arrow at the time. in repeat left up right down in the same order of couple of seconds and it will work.

  2. While I did got the 9 HPs, the steam achievement itself didn’t pop up. As you said, it seems like a bug. Thanks for the guide, would have never guessed that one !

  3. tried using the parry for HP charm on the king dice fight but it pushed itself down to five when i parried again this game is weird

  4. i got the achivement by getting 3 hearts from king dice and another 3 by perring with the heart rig charm

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