Cuphead – How to Obtain the Bouncing Ball Achievement

This guide will help you get the bouncing ball achievement in Cuphead, This Guide has probably already been done before but I want to try to make a guide myself to help the other Cuphead Players who have been wondering how to get this achievement!

The Bouncing Ball Achievement Guide

Charm (Not Required)

The Charm is not Required but it will make it easier to get this achievement.

First you go into your game

Then you go into your equip menu

Go to Charm

Hover on P. Sugar

And Equip it

If you don’t have the P. Sugar then you don’t have to equip it but it will make this achievement easier to get.

Getting the Achievement

Now to Actually getting the achievement, You will need to go to the Run ‘n Gun Funfair Fever on Inkwell Isle 2.

When you start on the level

Go to this Part

Wait until a pink balloon comes

When it does

Parry it 5 times

You can Repeatedly Press the Z Button Every time you get really close to the pink balloon, Repeat that 5 times and you get the achievement!

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