Curse of the Dead Gods – The Best Two-Handed Weapons / Ranked

To succeed in Curse of the Dead Gods, players need skill, a bit of luck, and the best weapon for the job. Here are the best two-handed weapons to destroy that difficult enemy.

If damage is the way the player wants to go through the game, they need to be looking at two-handed weapons. Some are slower but much more deadly which is perfect for those heavy hitters. Unfortunately, while they all look interesting and badass, certain weapons just won’t get those enemies on the floor as quickly as many would hope. Nevertheless, select some of these weapons and those boss battles will be a piece of cake.

Annihilation, Bow Of Madness

If range and precision are the way players want to go through the game then having a bow like the Bow of Madness is one of the best choices to make. It looks awesome, does an average amount of damage, and has a skill that will be perfect for those times when the enemies begin swarming.

Essentially, if the player gets a perfect shot on an enemy the arrow will explode, dealing 22 damage to all enemies around the impact. Such a power can be incredibly useful when a battle just gets a bit overwhelming.

Vengeance, Xbeltz’aloc’s Spirit

Parrying can be a challenging aspect to get used to in Curse of the Dead Gods. It requires perfect timing and a vast amount of practice. However, once the player has got that skill under their belt, they may want to look into getting hold of Vengeance.

Vengeance is a colorful spear that has a base damage of 24 but allows for a Dark Riposte after the player parries successfully. This allows the player to block any incoming damage and hit the enemy right back.

Windfury Pike

While two-handed weapons might be a little slow, they more than make up for it with the damage. Luckily many weapons allow for charged attacks, granting the player an extra hit for a much shorter cooldown. This helps for the bosses or a tough enemy that just needs one more attack to put them down.

With the Windfury Pike spear, the player can make those two hits into three powerful attacks for the same amount of time. That combined with the 24 base damage makes the player a fighter that can take down some pretty powerful enemies, perfect for a roguelike like this one.

Feathered Spear

While the Feathered Spear isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as some other designs, it does enough damage to hold its own and doesn’t cost anything to unlock. All this makes it both an accessible and powerful choice to use throughout the game.

This is mainly due to the fact it has a base damage of 27 and each kill will grant the player once more stamina to keep them in the battle longer. Nothing is worse than running out of stamina so if that’s a common problem then this is the perfect weapon to get hold of.

Bloodstake, Hunter’s Torment

While it may be a challenging weapon to get hold of, the Bloodstake spear is a deadly-looking weapon that lives up to all it’s designed to be. It has a powerful and effective two-handed attack that does a great amount of damage per hit. However, its skill is where it can really shine.

Nothing is worse than being up close and personal with an enemy when they can hit the player right back to the beginning of the game. This is where a few ranged attacks come in. The Bloodstake spear can allow players to throw it through countless enemies. Felling them before they had the chance to attack.

Blood Weeper, Life Seeper Macana

When it comes to playing roguelikes, death is a frustrating element that happens a lot at the beginning of the game. Even throughout each run health is one of the most important aspects that players should always be keeping an eye on. With this in mind, nothing is worse than not being able to heal after a tough battle, knowing an even tougher one lies ahead.

This is where the Blood Weeper comes into its own. It steals 10% of the enemies hit points and gives them to the player. This makes the Blood Weeper a damaging weapon as well as a lifesaver.

Jaguar Hammer

While the Jaguar Hammer may not have any cool healing abilities or deadly ranged attacks, it can hit ridiculously hard and is known as one of the most powerful two-handed weapons in Curse of the Dead Gods. This heavy weapon has a base damage of 40 and costs very little to unlock, making it relatively accessible and fantastically powerful.

Despite doing 40 damage, this hammer uses fire attacks. So, if there’s an element of fire missing in the playthrough, this is the weapon to go for.

Witch’s Crook

It may be up for a matter of opinion, but the Witch’s Crook is arguably the coolest weapon in the game when analyzing aesthetics. It looks straight out of a Hag’s hut and looks as deadly as it really is. After all, the damage and power live up to the looks.

Firstly, this heavy weapon has a considerable amount of base damage, making it one of the more powerful two-handed weapons in Curse of the Dead Gods. But most importantly, using a charged attack will allow the player to cast a variety of projectiles at the enemies around them, making it both a ranged and melee weapon for a little while.

Primal Hammer

When analyzing the pure stats of this weapon it would be easy to assess it as the best weapon in the game. After all, it deals more damage than any other choice and even has a weakening effect on whoever the player hits. Combined, this is a powerful weapon.

However, it’s just missing out on being the best weapon purely due to the challenge players will still have when fighting bosses. Nevertheless, with the weakening and the pure power, most players shouldn’t have a problem when using this Thor-like hammer.

Titan Slayer

While the Titan Slayer might not be the most damaging weapon to choose from, this two-handed beast undeniably lives up to its name. It’s made for bigger battles so might not be the most powerful on the smaller enemies.

This heavy weapon does critical damage to any champion, boss, or elite the player ends up fighting. Combine that with the 40 base damage, and anyone will be succeeding in those rather challenging battles. Although, when using the Titan Slayer, those challenging battles will be a bit more like a walk in the park.

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