Cursed to Golf – General F.A.Q and Info

General Frequently Asked Questions


A fair few of you have had trouble with the pace of the tutorial, thank you for the feedback! We are looking at ways in which we can make it as effective as possible with also getting to the gameplay faster!

It is a hard balance to strike to make sure you, the player, understand and aren’t confused and also providing an enjoyable time. We will do our best to make sure for the final game, that is the case – please also note in the final game, once you’ve passed the tutorial there will be no need to do it again.

Fast Forward!

If the tutorial, cutscenes or even the transition animations ain’t ya thing, we understand!

There is a “Fast Forward” button in game that allows you to speed up all of those at each moment. If you hold down Right-Trigger or Space-Bar (depending on your controls) you will initiate the fast forward.


We apologize to those of you who are frustrated by the lack of saving in the Cursed to Golf demo.

As this is the demo, for technical reasons we have removed it – this is mainly due to us being unable to carry your save data over to the final game. But, of course many of you want to take your time tackling the Scotsman! We thought a lot of people would just be in and out and want to see the small slice we have provided (there’s a lot of great demos to check out!).

In the final version of the game, rest assured you will be able to save & quit your progress, no worries! You will be able to save your progress and upon returning to it you will be outside the door of the most recent hole you unlocked!

Game Structure & Persistence

This is a golf-roguelike (a GOLFLIKE!), therefore it has a similar progression style.

However, there are ways to stay in the game and boons for you to unlock that will allow you to checkpoint, have a second chance and allow for better progression throughout the 18-holes to Ascension!

So, don’t be too disheartened if you fail and return to Hole 1 🙂 (Scotty will be happy to see you though hehe),

Shops / Card Binder

In each shop you will be able to purchase booster packs and individual versions of Ace Cards for your run!

However, upon game over you will lose all the cards you have collected during that run. Unless, you store them in the Card Binder, which is also available via the Eterni-Tee stores. Storing cards in the binder will allow you to bank them and have them persist between runs, so you can pick them up in the future when needed, for free, in a future run.

There’s also a boon that will help you with persisting cards between runs later in the game.


Yes, there are bosses.


You will have noticed in the intro, you fall through 3 different looking areas and land in front of the Scotsman in Golf Purgatory. You will indeed golf through those areas, they make up the rest of the 18-holes!

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