Cygnus – Defeat ‘Beyond’ Hypercube Boss on a Budget

Defeat the Hypercube anomaly boss in the ‘Beyond’ mission easymode on a budget of only 62 attribute points and 21 skillpoints. Can also be used for the ‘untouchable’ achievement (defeat boss while taking no damage).


All credit goes to Junchen !

This guide provides a specific character build for comfortably defeating the Hypercube boss in the Beyond mission which should be available at the level anyone has when playing this far in the story. Remember that you can respec your character skills and attribute points at the Cloning Facility, so no need to grind for more stat points. If you are good at the game, it is surely possible to defeat it with less gear than this.

The main two classes to spec in are Pilot for additional dodges and movement speed and Medic for a large hitpoint pool, healing, and the FTU Bio-Chemical Rocket launcher weapon which is one of the best weapons in game.


For character attributes, invest 30 points in pilot (for +2 dodge rolls), 25 points in Medical, and 10 in Science.



  • Charge Attack
  • Minigun Drone
  • Wingmen
  • Precision


  • First Aid
  • Bandage Stash
  • Neurotoxin
  • Ignite Poison


  • Tear Gas
  • Countermeasures
  • Distortion Field

Equipped Skills

  • Charge Attack
  • First Aid
  • Wingmen
  • Ignite Poison


If you don’t want to grind for materials, the only mandatory item is the Bio-Chemical Rocket launcher. All other gear just makes the fight much easier.


The FTU Bio-Chemical Rocket launcher is one of the highest DPS weapons and should make quick work of the anomalies on the way to the boss. It does not require the user to remain stationary and can deal a lot of damage over time, which allows the player to focus on avoiding all the attacks the boss throws their way.

For the secondary weapon, consider the Compact Shotgun. While not very strong by itself, it gives a passive movement speed, roll cooldown and drone damage boost, so equip it in the secondary slot as a stat-stick if you have it.


  • Medic Chest (for the high base hitpoints and passive HP regeneration)
  • Pilot Helm (for the roll cooldown)
  • Pilot Backpack (for the +1 roll and more roll cooldown)

The Fight

Getting There

The road up to the boss should be a breeze, just pepper the anomalies with poison grenades while dodging and healing through most of their stuff. The large group at the turret is easily dispatched by running a circle around the turret, luring the whole pack of them back onto the bridge, and then dropping the secondary fire grenade, followed by Ignite Poison.

Boss Phase 1

The boss alternates between vulnerable (red health bar) and invulnerable (yellow health bar) state, based on whether or not the boss has any turrets up.

If there are any turrets, destroy all of these to make the boss vulnerable again.

When the boss is vulnerable, start by dropping the secondary fire grenade attack on him, for a nice large amount of damage over time. For additional damage, use the Ignite Poison skill.

The boss performs the following attacks:

  • Spawn Turrets (which each shoot projectiles at the player and keep the boss in the invulnerable state)
  • Arm Swipe, indicated by a red >>> and <<< in the center of the stage. The boss performs a back and forth arm swipe. These attacks are unavoidable and must be dodged or mitigated with a shield (eg wingmen skill)
  • Pillar Attack, the boss summons a pillar to pierce from below ground, the ground will briefly turn transparent to indicate this happening. Then the pillar bursts from the ground and radiates crystal shards in 6 directions. Simply move and avoid the red telegraphs on the floor to avoid the damage altogether.
  • Summon Portals, the boss throws small crystals in the center of the stage which fly outwards and open portals. Then the boss’ claws rapidly burst through the portal, stunning the player if they hit. These can be difficult to dodge and the telegraph time is very short, keep moving and keep a dodge or your charge attack skill ready to avoid them.

Boss Phase 2

The boss remains vulnerable during this phase, so just keep peppering the center of the stage with grenades and use the secondary fire and the Ignite Poison skill whenever you can while avoiding the attacks.

The boss performs the following attacks:

  • Passive arm damage, the arms circle around the boss and deal damage and stagger the player on contact
  • Small AOE Cubes, the boss spawns small AOEs that are telegraphed by a small red circle. Avoid the small red circles.
  • Shockwave Smash, the boss jumps into the air and slams into the ground, creating periodic circular AOEs that expand outward. These seem to be targeting the player’s position so it is often necessary to dodge through them towards the center.
  • Piercing Stabs, the arms retract into the cube and pierce outwards at the player. These attacks are easily sidestepped, just keep moving in circles around the boss.
  • Circular Swipe, a round circular telegraph appears around the boss that has arrows in it, which indicates in which direction the arms will rotate. Best avoided using two timely dodges, but can also be avoided by staying close to the center at the place where the arm starts and simply moving a little in the direction they are moving and back again.

Untouchable Achievement

For this achievement the player has to kill the boss without taking damage.

Additional points in piloting are recommended for even more dodges, as are clone vessels from the Cloning Facility for quick retries.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to replay the boss after defeating it, but the last 3 savegames are stored in AppData\LocalLow\NetEase\Cygnus\Saves so backing them up and reloading them manually might be of help in this regard.

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