Dakar Desert Rally – Guide to Staying Under The Speedlimit (Sim Mode)

One of the toughest obstacles in sim mode is staying under the speedlimit while navigating offroad terrain as quick as possible for nearly an hour in the truck, car and sxs category. This guide shows a method to make staying under the speedlimit a bit easier.

How to Staying Under The Speedlimit

All credit goes to Latapi!

The Method

Adjust the tire pressure, which also changes gear lengths (dont ask me why – probably due to the pressure adjustments affecting topspeed) to a constellation where 4th or 5th gear tops out 10 kph below the max allowed speed (4th for trucks and sxs and 5th for cars).

Then just dont shift higher than 4th/5th gear – be careful on downhill sections tho, heading down fullgas can still push the engine over the limit, so step of the throttle from time to time.


For example, this is my tire pressure setup for the Macik Iveco Powerstar Karel.

Which leads to the car topping out at 130 kph in 4th Gear – 10 kph below the limit, which is a nice cushion.

This made me the only person to have a penalty free run in the truck class in sim mode. I might not be fast, but without any penalties – i dont need to be.

So there you have it, i hope this will help you a bit in succeeding out there in the desert – see you on track.

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  1. regarding sxs issue – try the overdrive ot3, it has a manual transmission and you can work the magic there

  2. I tried the first stage of the 2020 Dakar Experience with a car and your suggested method worked! I finished second which was a surprise since I was getting passed a lot and near the end I was lost until while racing along a trail I came across a competitor going the other way 🙁

  3. Excellent news about the Overdrive OT3, I thought that maybe all SxS using auto boxes. I’ll give it a try.

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