Dark and Darker – Rogue Perks Guide

Guide to Rogue Perks

Ambush: The next melee physical attack within 3 seconds after exiting hide will have a 50% increased physical damage bonus. Move speed will also be increased by 10% (ex 97% MS will be 107% MS not 106.7% MS) during this 3 second window.

This only affects the FIRST attack.

Must be coming out of Hide does not work on other sources of invis such as wizard invis and invis potions.

Hitting a wall, shield or other obstacle will remove the buff.

Performing any action such as blocking, interacting with doors will also remove the buff.

You can pop hide at any time to get this buff even if you aren’t sitting in stealth for any length of time

  • Solo: A tier, Duo: A tier, Trio: B tier

Ambush is a damage increase when coming out of hide it is A not S tier only because it requires to to pair it with the hide skill to get value. It allows for quick burst kills in solo play saving you HP and possibly winning you the fight with a good proc from it. In team play it becomes less useful as you will likely only get to use it once a fight, wasting a perk slot once used.

Back Attack: Increased Physical Power Bonus by 30% when attacking from behind.

This affects every attack from behind the target.

This is roughly a 90 degree cone from behind the target.

  • Solo: B tier, Duo: A tier, Trio: A tier

Back attack provides a % damage buff if the requirements are met however does not do anything but take up a perk slot if not. It becomes stronger than ambush in team play as ambush will likely proc once per fight and back attack can be used as many times as you can access someones back.

Creep: Crouch walking will be completely silent. (Thus perk only affects crouched movement)

Slow walking while not crouched will produce noise, walking over audio related textures such as floor skulls will make noise, jumping will still make noise, interacting with objects and drawing stowing weapons will still make noise.

  • Solo: A tier, Duo: A tier, Trio: B tier

Creep can keep you unnoticed by enemy players without the use of a skill and no cooldown. This becomes less effective in trios as your team mates also make noise. Can still however be used for flanks if done right.

Dagger Mastery: Increases Physical Power Bonus when attacking with daggers.

This perk only affects dagger weapons when attacking and will not provide bonus damage to a non dagger weapon while dual wielding unlike other mastery perks such as sword mastery.

This perk does increase damage on throwing knives.

  • Solo: S tier, Duo: S tier, Trio: S tier

Dagger mastery is a flat damage buff and is always good unless you are not using a dagger as a weapon. It becomes stronger as your gear scales as its a % buff

Double Jump: You can now Jump an additional time in the air at the cost of -18 MS at all times.

Double jump can be used to get to areas not normally accessible without it.

Double jump can be used to keep movespeed for longer while performing actions such as reloading a HCB, attacking and stowing/drawing weapons. This is because move speed slow is applied only once your character hits the ground.

  • Solo: B tier, Duo: B tier, Trio: C tier

DJ can be very good however is niche and requires knowledge of when and where to use it to outweigh the flat movespeed debuff. It becomes worse in teamplay as your teammates will not be able to follow you.

Hide Mastery: Extends the duration of the hide skill to 40 seconds (Base 20 seconds).

This is still affected by buff duration of which rogues have a negative base stat and will be less than 40 seconds unless you have enough will stat.

  • Solo: D tier, Duo: D tier, Trio: D tier

A niche perk only generally used in pickpocket builds there are just many better perks to place in limited perk slots than have more of a substantial effect than this one.

Jokester: Grants all party members within 4.5 meters +2 to all stats.

This gives an effective increase of + 14 stat points.

Since stats scale worse as you get higher numbers this perk loses value as one gets better gear.

  • Solo: B tier, Duo: A tier, Trio: S tier

This perk is marked as B tier only because it becomes less relevant with better gear. It also becomes better with more party members making it more valuable in team play. In normals this Perk is S tier even in solos for the amount of stat gain it gives.

Pickpocket: You can now steal and enemies items during matches with the interact key. Items on your belt are now hidden. Being bumped by other players no longer breaks stealth.

The stolen item is random and cannot be an equipped item of the victim.

You do not need to be in stealth to use pickpocket.

Potions and other belt items are very visible on your belt without this perk allowing you to hide in the dark better.

  • Solo: B tier, Duo: D tier, Trio: D tier

This is a niche perk and has a specific build you will not often pick this perk unless you are playing pickpocket and building around that. This is not a teamplay playstyle and is D tier in teams for this reason.

Poisoned Weapon: Successful attacks apply a stack of poison dealing 4 damage over 4 seconds can stack up to a maximum of 5 times.

Applying a new stack resets the duration of the last stack EX: if a stack has ticked 3 times and will expire on the next tick, applying a new stack refreshes this duration and increases the damage if not already at 5 stacks.

Stacks can be applied by all weapons except torches, and drums. EX: Hand Crossbow, Dagger, Rapier, Short sword, Throwing knives.

Rogues have negative low base will and this perk will do less than 4 damage per stack with base stats as it has a 50% scaling off magic power and will stat magic damage increases.

This perk is a “debuff” meaning it also ticks less time based on the enemies debuff resistance stat with high enough debuff resistance it is possible to take no damage at all from PW. This is rare but still possible specifically against clerics.

  • Solo: B tier, Duo: B tier, Trio: B tier

This perk is good for PVE dps especially bosses. It is also good for a poke rogue playstyle. Due to the rogues base statline unless you are building around this perk and scaling it there are usually better options. However some people find good success with it and swear by it.

Stealth: When using hide you can move up to 10 steps while slow walking or crouching without breaking invisibility.

When moving in stealth you are transparent not invisible! You become fully invisible again when you stop moving.

You still make footstep sounds while moving in stealth.

  • Solo: D tier, Duo: D tier, Trio: D tier

Since the changes that make you visible-ish while moving in stealth this perk is next to useless. You might find success with it in duos and trios as people have to focus on more things but a good player will still see you.

Thrust: Grants 20% increased armor penetration when using daggers.

This Perk only applies when attacking with a dagger and will not affect a dual wielded non dagger weapon.

This perk affects throwing knives.

This perk is better as your enemies get higher armor gear as it provides more value.

  • Solo: A tier, Duo: A tier, Trio: S tier

This perk becomes stronger as people get more armor making it a higher pick in highroller than normal lobbies. It also becomes better in trios are teams will usually have a dedicated tank and you can deal significant damage to them from armor penetration.

Traps and Locks: Highlights traps within 4.5 meters and traps can now be disarmed without using a trap disarm kit. You can also now open locked chests without a lockpick.

You will still have to do the lockpicking reaction test but will not use a lockpick if you fail and can retry as much as you want.

There is no limit on how many traps can be disarmed and locks can be picked.

Does not work on golden key required doors.

  • Solo: C tier, Duo: C tier, Trio: C tier

This perk can be useful to find trap locations when new to the game however once experienced you will have more map knowledge and that becomes fairly useless as 95% of traps can be avoided with movement or pathing. You also save money on lockpicks but that isn’t usually worth sacrificing another perk for just buy lockpicks again its a good perk to practice lockpicking with for free but outscaled by other perks.

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