Dark and Darker – Tank Fighter Build

Guide to Tank Fighter Build

For MOST of a fighter’s career, you’ll be playing “PDR/Tank” fighter. The goal is to get to a minimum of 250 AR, so you reach 50% PDR. This doubles your effective HP. At 66% PDR (318 AR), you have triple EHP.


For gear, here are some guidelines, but there are a lot of great options (The goal is to get to at least 238 AR/50% PDR without your shield):

  • Arming Sword is the fastest. At +10 MS or Action Speed, you can also consider Falchion or Flanged Mace.
  • Any Shield (Buckler, Round, Heater) will work, they all have the same AR. Buckler has the highest impact resist but lowest area.
  • Crossbow is your ranged tool, provides good alpha when poking other teams or players and can be used to pull mobs.
  • For Armor, focus on what gives you the stats to hit your AR, MS, and HP targets. There are a lot of options to play with and mix/match to hit your desired goals.


  • Shield Mastery makes you more nimble with your shield overall
  • Counter Attack is used after a block to have better chase and attack speed
  • Barricade increases your AR while blocking, further raising your PDR if you miss a block
  • Projectile Resistance, combined with your high PDR, significantly further reduces incoming bow damage.
  • Instead of Counter Attack or Projectile Resistance, you can take Swift to reduce the MS penalty. After 200 AR, Defense Mastery becomes worth using.
  • Sword Mastery improves damage and speed


  • Second Wind and Sprint are the meta options.
  • Taunt for team play (be careful about when you use it) or Adrenaline Rush for fun.

Stat Priority:

Stat priority in order of most to least, is:

  • Armor Rating/PDR%
  • Health / Vigor
  • Move Speed / Agility
  • Action Speed / Dexterity
  • Weapon Damage/Physical Damage/Physical Damage %/Physical Power
  • All else

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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