Dark and Darker – Useful Tip for Bosses / Minibosses

If You Have Trouble with Any Bosses / Minibosses

If you have trouble with any bosses or minibosses, use Breakthrough. It removes any debuff that reduces movement speed and prevents you from getting new ones for 10 seconds. It also makes you immune to hit slow and most, if not all, knockback effects.


  • Cyclops: Removes stomp slow.
  • Cave Troll: Removes roar/hit slowing debuff. If you press Breakthrough before his 50/50 charge attack, he won’t do it.
  • Ghost King: Removes the stacking debuff, prevents you from getting it as long as it’s active, and allows you to freely move on ice pools.
  • Skeleton Warlord: (Requires confirmation) Possibly removes stacking green zone debuff.
  • Frost Wyvern: (Requires confirmation) Possibly removes MS/AS debuff as it works on all the other mobs that apply that kind of debuff.


Removes all the slows and prevents knockback (examples: Wraith stacking slow, Demon Bat knockback, Frost Skeleton MS/AS slow).


Breakthrough is also really good in PVP with how popular slows currently are. Because you ignore hit slow, you can run past the frontline to attack the backline. (I get it now why it’s called Breakthrough).

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

Bonus tip

Where to find gold ore?

Goblin cave after a boss kill the connected centre has a few nodes, and inferno spider nest room. 

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