Dark Invasion VR: Doomsday – Beginners Tour

I explain in this guide the mechanics to survive the first level of the demo version.

Level 1 Tour for Beginners

Meet Steve and activate the elevator

  • As you start your adventure you see a man with a red jacket and beard go near him to talk with him.
  • Now you got your first quest to repair the ventilation system.
  • Head straight into the next room and pull the switch on the wall to activate the power of the elevator.
  • Go into the elevator and push the red button to descent with the elevator.
  • Now cross the room and open the door where a light bulb breaks.

Find the three missing parts of the mashinery

  • After the conversation with the worker you need to head to the ventilation system.
  • Soon as John enters the correct location you hear the voice file “I should take a look around here.”
  • Near the red vending mashine is the first fuse, near the fusebox in a cabinet is the next one and on the opposite site of the room of the fusebox leads a ladder to the last fuse.
  • Put all 3 fuses into the the fusebox and the mashine starts.
  • Now you need to head back to the main hall.

Killing the first zombies

  • After Karen appeard, the first enemies are going to invade the place.
  • Just take one of the melee weapons and head back to the elevator, kill the zombies on your way.

The elevator is out of power again

  • As you come near the elevator, you notice that its outpowered again.
  • You can find the power switch for the elevator in the room on the left side where the door was locked before. Pull the power switch.
  • In that room you find some guns too, you can place the guns on your left and right shoulder.
  • Now you can use the elevator again.

Survive the elevator

  • Move into the elevator and push the red button of the elevator the elevator than start moving upwards.
  • After a short time a zombie destroys the elevator, the elevator stops and you need to jump out of it.
  • After you jumped out of the elevator, the elevator crushes down to the ground.
  • You landed on some pipes and spot a ladder that you can climb upwards.
  • On the side of the ladder you see some brown pipes, climb the brown pipes to get to the next room.

Back to Steve

  • You now walk to the open door to meet Steve again.
  • After a short sequence 2 zombies going to atack you, just shoot them with one of the guns.
  • Now head to the door where the 2 zombies came from.

The bathroom

  • Inside of the bathroom some gas bottles are leaned to a wall, just shoot them so that the explosion destroys the wall.
  • Shoot the zombies that crush through the wall.
  • Walk through the hole in the wall and proceed your adventure.

Survive the rest of the level

  • The rest of the level is pretty straight and should be manageable without learning a new function of the game.
  • Have fun playing!

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