Darkest Dungeon II – Healers Tips

Tips for Healers

It’s a hard one to adjust to but after about 10+ runs or so you will find that you don’t even heal as much in normal fights once you focus fire things.

Vestal and Plague Doc are the better healers, the occultist and runaway are situational since one can basically heal like 0-1 hp if unlucky and the other needs a bleed on someone.

Vestal got group regen, I believe 3 per round for 3 rounds, unlockable skill, that one is pretty nice if you pop it on like second round or so. Then plague doctor got another healing skill unlock, which when upgraded converts all tokens char have into healing, I recall 0 to full hp my man at arms with that more than once lol.

Those heals however are pretty situational and thats the design choice they made to add layers to the game. There also more ways to heal than one, some chars can self heal like leper and grave robber. Then there healing items, which it’s pretty neat to slap on bandages in a region or a fight that you know deals bleed, same for other heals that heal and remove fire/poison, etc.

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