Darkest Dungeon II – How to Defeat The Dreaming General (Boss Guide)

The Dreaming General

  • And his sidekick: literal tree roots
  • HP: 185, Speed: 3, DBR: 50%
  • Has 200 move and stun resist

In rank 4 there is an invincible tap root. It can’t be afflicted by pretty much anything, it’s just there so you can hit it.

It’s actually pretty simple, a lot of the game becomes easier once you know what you gearing up to during hero select.

I find game to be pretty manageable till maybe final boss if I know what lair boss I will take on once I get the team together. If I have lets say man at arms, helion, graverobber, and vestal, I wont be doing that boss. You need to basically pick teams that can consistently deal with bosses mechanics.

For example, in this case I find a team that have 2-3 chars that can hit rank 4, to be the best. Once you manage the roots, the boss is not that hard. You also don’t even really need to deal damage to the root, the bellow from man at arms works just fine. So you could slap on man at arms and plague doctor, both have unlockable skills that hit entire enemy party. That way you target both the boss and the root, always keeping the root away while using other two chars to smack the general.

Occultist is also pretty good for this fight, since you can abyssal artillery the boss and the root.

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  1. Is there anyway to avoid the soil stirs nuke? I’ve killed him every time I’ve fought him but that underground nuke has crit someone for 30 damage every time and then they bleed out. So even though I’ve beat him he’s ended my runs 3 times now.

    Last time i went through the academic view and tried waiting a turn to see if not attacking it caused the soil to reset. But obviously that meant the vines got out of control.

    Honestly i’m thinking he’s not worth fighting at this point.

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