Darkest Dungeon II – How to Defeat The Librarian (Boss Guide)

The Librarian Boss

  • HP: 116 (140 ignited), Speed: 4 (6 ignited), DBR: 33% (50% ignited)
  • 3 actions per round, 2 when ignited

It’s worth noting that he’s functionally immune to movement effects and burn (200% resists)

It’s a pretty hard boss but as any boss, I avoid him if I do not have a team comp for him. Thats the big secret, you can render most bosses pretty weak if you got the right team for it.

  • You do need characters that can reliably hit rank 4 right away so you can burst him right away. This being plague doc, occultist, highwayman, gravegirl, vestal, etc, blight however preferred.
  • Option 2, if you got leper in the team, purse the first book back, which puts the boss into 3rd rank, allowing more attack options.
  • To deal with his dodges so that you don’t waste turns, slap on some attack items on your chars, caltrops are great counter to dodges, it makes creature dens easy too, however any enemy target item will do.
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  1. The biggest problem with him is that it’s really hard to tell what’s going on:

    – The hint about the books enabling his rage mode could be clearer
    – There’s no way to tell that he’s gonna ignite once he burned the last book, healing for a whoopping 24
    – He applies both blind to you and dodge to himself. Multi dip in the feelsbad is 99% bad for a game
    – You can lose the fight literally turn 0 if your comp can’t reach rank 4, so you’ll need prior knowledge or just lose. That’s crap design imo

    Other than those, it seems fine but some of those are major issues.

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