Darkest Dungeon II – Newcomer Tips

Tips for Beginners

Hey there, welcome to the inn traveler!

If you like challenging games and/or rogue likes, you made a right choice when you bought this, the game is VERY GOOD. Lets expand on that though, shall we?

  • The game is a roguelite, which means your gear or levels does not carry over from run to run, each of which gonna take 2+ hours or so. You do however earn candles in each run, which is a currency for perma upgrades and unlocks for your chars.
  • The game got lots of mileage in it, so to unlock everything and beat all acts and put perma buffs on all characters, you gonna be playing it for hundreds of hours very likely,
  • It is a hard game, very hard in fact. To the point where at first you will feel like it’s past the ♥ mark and is straight up unfair. Heed my words now, thats ok, you going to lose at the start, probably even to act 1, which been made rather manageable. The game is that difficult , but as you play and learn, you start to pick up on what characters are best for what encounters. You will learn what items you need to counter something, which things to avoid, which tokens you need to beat something, who to target, and suddenly you will be steam rolling everything due to knowing how to counter it all, and only have serious challenges to bad luck and the final bosses.
  • Based on last point, learn from your encounters. Some enemies become completely useless when put in certain positions and if you do not have the means to make that happen, try to avoid regions that have those enemies. For example, even if I am spanking every enemy with a powerful team that can’t really do much to rank 4 enemies, I will avoid the librarian boss.
  • Relationships should be kept high and stress low. You will have much easier time when you bring jester or man at arms with you for stress heal, and if thats not a composition you wish to run at the time, make sure to buy items to manage stress. Relationships on other hand should be kept high as soon as possible, it’s a worth investment starting from very first inn if there is an opportunity. Good relationships will not only spare you from cursing your hero skills but will also bless your hero skills.
  • Candle unlocks, unlock 1st pet then characters first then spend remaining on unlocking trinkets, combat/inn/stage coach items. Then alternate between unlocking a character class or two and then some pets, stagecoach, and resourcefulness, with remainder going to unlocking more trinkets, combat/inn/stage coach items.
  • Good Luck, sometimes you need that!

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