Darkest Dungeon II – Stagecoach Equipment Guide (Upgrades, Pets, Trophies)

This guide, whispered to us by the very shadows that writhe in the game’s unfathomable depths, reveals secrets that twist the fabric of your understanding, equipping you with the arcane knowledge to harness hidden power.

Every artifact, every creature, is meticulously scrutinized, their esoteric attributes unveiled for the erudite adventurer. From the prosaic to the profound, each item is dissected and categorized within an inscrutable hierarchy, illuminated by our ephemeral lantern of wisdom. Navigate this tumultuous tempest of cosmic horror with newfound clarity, embracing the cryptic chaos as a familiar friend.

S Tier

  • Trinket Organizer (Luxury Gear): Augments trinket looting probability by 200%. The Trinket Organizer, deserving of its esteemed S Tier status, significantly enhances the likelihood of discovering trinkets. This luxurious gear bestows unparalleled advantages, allowing for the expansion of your trinket collection. Consider removing it once your party is fully equipped and trinket acquisition is no longer a priority.

A Tier

  • Merchants Guild Seal (Luxury Gear): Unveiling a forgotten pact with the Merchants Guild, this enigmatic seal empowers you with a 20% reduction in prices for trinkets, combat items, stagecoach equipment, and inn items. Tap into its eldritch influence while within the inn, securing vital resources and potent tools at a fraction of their usual cost. Unequip the seal after your transactions to maintain the mystic balance of your expedition.

    Chirurgeon’s Directory: A tome of healing, whispered through the ages. Its ancient pages reveal hidden sanctuaries, where wounds mend and strength is restored. Within its wisdom, the precise locations await, doubling the treasures within the pharmacy. Yet, if your party remains unharmed, or wealth eludes you, tuck this guide away, for another expedition’s need.
  • Spacious Strongbox (Luxury Gear): Defying conventional limits, the Spacious Strongbox expands the stacking capacity for relics, charred books, silver spoons, war medals, fertile dirt, and untainted sea stars by an astounding 24 per stack. This extraordinary luxury gear unlocks unparalleled storage capabilities, allowing you to amass vast quantities of valuable artifacts and treasures. Embrace the boundless wealth within the Spacious Strongbox and empower your party with abundant resources for their perilous journey.
  • Blueprint Tubes (Occult Relic): Unearthly conduits that resonate with the eldritch energies of the Stagecoach, the Blueprint Tubes possess the power to amplify the quantity of produced items by the power of one. As the mystic forces intertwine with the stagecoach’s mechanisms, the Blueprint Tubes become increasingly potent when combined with other item generation upgrades. With this otherworldly augmentation, your party can secure a steady and abundant supply of vital items, ensuring their resilience and preparedness in the face of eldritch trials.
  • Ice Box (Food Gear): Amidst the dim corridors of the unknown, the Ice Box emerges as a practical relic of sustenance. Within its chilling embrace lies the power to augment the quantity of looted food by 2—an essential resource for survival. This arcane artifact provides improved storage and preservation capabilities, safeguarding and enriching the provisions gathered during expeditions. As its arcane influence lingers, the Ice Box ensures that your valiant party is fortified with an abundance of sustenance, warding off hunger’s gnawing grip and kindling the flickering flames of vitality. Embrace this practical artifact, for within its cold domain, nourishment becomes an inexhaustible wellspring, sustaining your heroes on their perilous journey.
    • Slime Mold: Slime Mold, a curious entity from the depths, imparts its strange properties upon those who partake. Consuming this peculiar substance grants a 10% increase to maximum HP until the next respite. Beware, for it also carries a 5% chance of bestowing a disease—an affliction that festers and weakens the body. In its capricious nature, Slime Mold may also gift a quirk, a peculiar trait that alters the very essence of the recipient.
    • Stale Bread: Stale Bread, though past its prime, still possesses latent vitality. Partaking in this hardened sustenance infuses the consumer with a 20% boost to their maximum HP until the next respite. It serves as a stalwart companion, fortifying the body and sustaining resilience amidst the encroaching darkness.
    • Apple and Cheese: Apple and Cheese, a union of earth’s bounties, bestows their nourishing essence upon the fortunate consumer. Indulging in this combination imparts a 20% increase to maximum HP until the next respite. Moreover, it enhances the individual’s debuff resistance, shielding them from the insidious effects of enemy assaults and granting a measure of protection.
    • Steak and Spuds: Steak and Spuds, a hearty repast fit for adventurers, bestows formidable benefits upon the intrepid consumer. Imbued with the essence of these sustenances, one gains a substantial 30% boost to maximum HP until the next respite, fortifying the body for the perils ahead. However, be warned of the sacrifice, as it also slows the consumer’s speed, altering their ability to act swiftly. Yet, in compensation, it augments move resistance and disease resistance, granting protection against treacherous encounters.
    • Flapjacks: Flapjacks, a delectable creation born from a fusion of humble ingredients, imparts their nourishing power upon those who partake. Savoring these delightful treats grants a 20% increase to maximum HP until the next respite. Furthermore, their mystical essence fortifies the consumer against bleed, blight, and burn by 5%.
  • Assay Gear (Tinker’s Gear): A vital tool of the tinkering trade, enhances your ability to acquire relics. With its specialized mechanisms and expert craftsmanship, it increases the quantity of looted relics by 4. These relics hold immense trading and reward value, enabling you to repair the stagecoach and acquire valuable equipment. The Assay Gear empowers you to amass a greater wealth of relics, expanding your opportunities for progress and resource acquisition in your arduous journey.

B Tier

  • Shrine Map (Scouting Gear): The Shrine Map, an enigmatic relic of eldritch origin, enhances scouting abilities by an extraordinary 100%. Unveil the secrets of Hero Shrines and delve into the forgotten pasts of your heroes with unparalleled clarity. This arcane cartography becomes especially crucial in the early stages of the harrowing journey, when fledgling heroes, yet unburdened by the weight of their past, yearn for the revelations that lie within the sacred sanctuaries. Through this heightened scouting prowess, the Shrine Map guides the intrepid adventurer to these hallowed grounds, where new abilities shall be unearthed and the veils of forgotten histories shall be lifted.
  • Hoarder Signal Decoder (Scouting Gear): The Hoarder Signal Decoder is a highly sought-after scouting upgrade that grants you the ability to trace the elusive Hoarder in your expeditions, doubling the amount of trinkets in stock. With the Hoarder Signal Decoder in hand, you unlock the potential to acquire rare and formidable items, cementing its status as an indispensable tool for resourceful adventurers. However, if you lack 65 relics (or 52 relics with the Merchant’s Seal), it is advisable to store this item, as you may not possess the necessary resources to acquire the coveted region-based trinkets they offer when you arrive.
  • Tracker’s Map (Scouting Gear): +100% creature den and oasis location scouting.
    The Tracker’s Map is an essential scouting gear that excels in locating creature dens and oases. With its detailed markings and guidance, it significantly boosts your chances of discovering these hidden and valuable locations. By uncovering creature dens, you can engage in challenging battles to gain rare resources, while oases provide much-needed item that restores stress and hp. The Tracker’s Map is a must-have for any adventurer seeking to maximize their ability to survive in the wilderness.
  • The Tea Service (Luxury Gear): is a luxurious gear that elevates your party’s social interactions and fosters positive relationships by 6%. By offering a fine selection of teas and a serene atmosphere for tea ceremonies, it enhances your heroes’ chances of establishing and maintaining positive connections with their fellow adventurers. This boost in positive relationship chances strengthens camaraderie, cooperation, and team dynamics, leading to increased effectiveness in combat.
  • Almanac: The Sprawl, The Shroud, The Foetor, or The Tangle: Infused with esoteric insights, the Almanac bestows a mystic boon, enhancing the damage inflicted by your valiant heroes. Empowered by its enigmatic guidance, they strike with greater force, unraveling the mysteries that shroud The Sprawl and conquering the abominations that dwell within its sinister depths. The +15% damage boost it provides is a valuable advantage that can significantly enhance your party’s combat capabilities
  • Leaf Suspension (Road Gear): The Leaf Suspension, a mystical road gear resonating with eldritch energies, holds the power to cultivate harmony and unity among your weary heroes. Its subtle influence elevates the chance of positive relationships blossoming by 4%, forging unbreakable bonds in the face of cosmic trials. As they traverse treacherous paths, guided by the player’s discerning hand, the Leaf Suspension weaves a harmonious thread, fostering camaraderie and trust. Amidst the encroaching darkness, this unassuming relic becomes an invaluable ally, ensuring that the expedition’s strength lies not only in their skills but also in the resilience of their shared purpose.
  • Iron Brazier (Road Gear): The Iron Brazier, a relic of forgotten artisans, enhances the power of traveling flames. Its eldritch touch reduces the rate of light decay by 33%, prolonging the life of your torches and dispelling the encroaching darkness. Embrace the Iron Brazier as a guiding light on perilous roads, ensuring your party’s survival in the face of gloom.
  • Windchime (Luxury Gear): The Windchime is a soothing luxury gear that provides a calming effect on your heroes’ minds and spirits. By producing gentle melodies and harmonious sounds, it alleviates stress (-1) for a random hero after each location. This stress relief helps maintain the mental well-being of your party, allowing them to recover and recuperate from the challenges they face. The Windchime adds a touch of tranquility to your adventures and aids in sustaining your heroes’ psychological resilience.
  • Chirurgeon’s Mixing Kit (Medical Gear): Within the Chirurgeon’s Mixing Kit resides the power to craft from herbs, salves, and remedies. This specialized medical gear grants your party the opportunity to prepare and stockpile healing supplies, fortifying their resilience and bolstering their chances of triumph in the face of daunting expeditions. The Chirurgeon’s Mixing Kit shines with practical utility, ensuring your party is primed to confront challenges and sustain their health and vitality amidst the encroaching shadows.
    • Restorative Herbs: Restorative Herbs target a single hero and provide the following benefits until the next inn: +10% Traveling heal and +20% Healing Received from Skills.
    • Wax Inoculant: Wax Inoculant targets a single hero and grants 33% Disease Resistance until the next inn.
    • Adrenaline Tonic: Adrenalime Tonic can be used on a single target and provides a heal of 50%. It also applies +1 Stress Token to the target.
    • Healing Salve: Healing Salve is used on a single target and heals for 33%.
    • Triage Kit: Triage Kit is applied to a single target and provides a substantial heal of 75%.
      Invigorating Intoxicant: Invigorating Intoxicant targets a single hero and offers +25% Death’s Door Resistance.
  • Chirurgeon’s Table (Medical Gear): The Chirurgeon’s Table stands as a testament to refined healing craftsmanship, elevating traveling healing by 30%. Its sturdy construction provides a stable foundation for mending wounds on the move, empowering your heroes with potent and efficient treatment. With the Chirurgeon’s Table at their side, injuries and afflictions are confronted with enhanced efficacy, safeguarding the party’s well-being amidst perilous expeditions. A treasured asset in the B Tier, this sacred artifact preserves vitality and bolsters survival, ensuring the heroes’ resilience in the face of encroaching darkness.
  • Medical Equipment (Medical Gear): Unveiling an arsenal of advanced medical instruments and enhanced techniques, the Medical Equipment bestows a vital boon upon your party’s healing prowess. With a remarkable 20% boost to traveling healing, this gear harnesses the arcane knowledge of restorative practices, facilitating expedited recovery and bolstering the resilience of your heroes. By equipping your party with this indispensable equipment, you fortify their survival capabilities and empower them to endure the arduous trials that await on their harrowing journey.

C Tier

  • Worktable Loom (Luxury Gear): Within the confines of the enigmatic Worktable Loom, an esoteric contraption of woven threads and intricate machinery, lies the power to manifest bandages and nets. With its arcane craftsmanship, it bestows a chance to create these essential items before each location, imbuing your party with the means to heal wounds and ensnare elusive prey. This remarkable device augments your party’s self-sufficiency, enabling them to address injuries and secure valuable resources through their own ingenuity and craftsmanship.
    • Bandages (Combat Item): With their occult properties, bandages possess the ability to remove the affliction of Bleed from a single target and bestow a healing touch of 10% tokens. These mystical wraps, when utilized with precision, provide vital relief and restoration, allowing your heroes to endure the trials that lie ahead.
    • Fisherman’s Net (Combat Item): Crafted with ancient knowledge and imbued with otherworldly power, the Fisherman’s Net ensnares its target, adding the immobilize effect, reducing their speed by 5, and compromising their resistance to Bleed by 33%. This sinister contraption entraps adversaries, rendering them vulnerable and hampering their movements.
    • Milk-Soaked Linen (Combat Item): Infused with a mysterious milky essence, the Milk-Soaked Linen possesses the ability to dispel blindness from a single target. These enchanted linens, saturated with an ethereal solution, lift the veil of darkness and restore clarity to the afflicted.
  • Strongbox (Luxury Gear): Unveiling an opulent repository of immeasurable worth, the Strongbox elevates the limits of relic accumulation. With its mystical augmentation, this practical luxury gear empowers you to amass greater wealth during your perilous expeditions. It expands the stacking capacity for relics, charred books, silver spoons, war medals, fertile dirt, and untainted sea stars by a staggering 8 per stack. By harnessing the power of the Strongbox, you transcend the boundaries of conventional wealth and forge a path towards opulence and prosperity, granting you the means to enhance your equipment and secure your party’s survival in the face of eldritch horrors.
  • Pot and Still (Food Gear): Within the realm of the Pot and Still, a mysterious apparatus steeped in the alchemical arts, lies the power to produce whiskey items. This enigmatic food gear offers your party a chance to create these potent elixirs before embarking on each location. Whiskey, with its intoxicating allure, serves as more than a mere indulgence—it acts as a balm for the weary soul, alleviating stress, bolstering resolve, and elevating the spirits of your heroes. The Pot and Still bestows a touch of comfort and companionship upon your treacherous expeditions, instilling a sense of camaraderie and fortitude amidst the encroaching darkness.
    • Whiskey Flask (Inn Item): With a single sip of the Whiskey Flask, stress is diminished by 2 for the chosen target.
    • Whiskey Bottle (Inn Item): The Whiskey Bottle, shared among 2 targets, grants stress reduction of 2. It also holds within its enigmatic depths a 67% chance of bestowing a positive affinity increase and a 33% chance of imparting a negative affinity increase.
    • Whiskey Barrel (Inn Item): Embracing the entire party in its intoxicating embrace, the Whiskey Barrel dispels stress by 2. It carries a 75% chance of kindling a positive affinity increase and a 25% chance of invoking a negative affinity increase.
  • Stew Pot (Food Gear): The Stew Pot, a cherished culinary apparatus, allows you to create invigorating stew before each location. This nourishing fare replenishes your party’s health and provides a temporary increase of 20% to their maximum HP (until the next visit to The Inn). It also enhances their resistance to diseases and stuns by 10% during the same period. While the Stew Pot may lack versatility, it offers a comforting and revitalizing meal that bestows renewed vigor and fortitude upon your heroes as they brave the perils of their journey.
  • Griddle (Food Gear): The Griddle, illuminated by otherworldly flames, grants the power to conjure flapjacks before each location. These enchanted creations provide substantial healing and replenishment, invigorating weary bodies and restoring vitality. With a 20% increase in maximum HP and a 5% resistance against bleed, blight, and burn, flapjacks fortify heroes for their perilous journey into the depths.

D Tier

  • Trapmaker’s Kit (Tinker’s Gear): The Trapmaker’s Kit grants your party a chance to produce trap items before each location and increases stacking for traps by 2. These traps provide defensive capabilities, allowing you to set up strategic ambushes or fortify your position against enemies. By utilizing the Trapmaker’s Kit, you can increase your party’s tactical options and create advantageous situations during encounters.
    • Bear Trap (Combat Item): A sinister contraption, adorned with wickedly sharp teeth, designed to ensnare and immobilize its unfortunate victim. With a swift snap, it inflicts 3 Bleed damage, leaving them at the mercy of their own crimson torment.
    • Crow’s Feet (Combat Item): A darkly enchanting tool, crafted with an eerie precision, that casts a malevolent shadow upon the enemy party. Its insidious touch inflicts 1 Bleed damage upon each foe, weakening their resolve and sowing chaos within their ranks. Their movements become sluggish as their move resistance is diminished by 20%, and their speed falters under the weight of their impending doom, slowed by 2 icons.
    • Scrap Grenade (Combat Item): A volatile explosive born from the twisted ingenuity of forgotten artisans. Unleashed upon the enemy party, it engulfs them in a torrent of devastation, inflicting 3 Bleed damage that rends flesh and spills forth the essence of their existence. The air is filled with the cacophony of their suffering, a testament to the raw power of this makeshift weapon.
    • Spiked Ball (Combat Item): A menacing instrument of pain and suffering, forged in the darkest depths of malevolence. It is unleashed upon a single target with merciless precision, impaling them with cruel spikes that tear through their flesh, causing 5 Bleed damage. The agony that ensues is an echo of the torment that awaits those who dare to cross your path.
  • Tinker’s Bench (Tinker’s Gear): The Tinker’s Bench is an enigmatic apparatus that holds the potential to manifest ingenious contraption items before embarking on each location. This mystical workbench channels the art of invention and tinkering, empowering your heroes to craft remarkable devices that offer distinctive advantages in both combat and exploration. With its blend of gears, gadgets, and inventive spirit, the Tinker’s Bench introduces an element of adaptability and strategic foresight, enhancing your party’s capabilities and ensuring they are well-equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead.
    • Noisemaker (Combat Item): The Noisemaker is a cunning tool that disrupts the battlefield, diverting the attention of a single target. With a stacking capacity of 2, it unleashes a cacophony that adds taunt and block effects, drawing the ire and diverting the focus of enemies. This strategic device can redirect enemy attacks and provide crucial protection to your party.
    • Pyrotechnic Dazzler (Combat Item): The Pyrotechnic Dazzler is a dazzling spectacle of pyrotechnic prowess, designed to disorient and confuse a single target. With a stacking capacity of 2, it randomly adds 2 effects from the following: blind, daze, stun, vulnerable, or a decrease of 4 speed. This explosive display creates chaos and vulnerability among enemies, granting a strategic advantage to your party.
    • Smoke Bomb (Combat Item): The Smoke Bomb is a stealthy tool that shrouds a single target in a dense cloud of smoke. With a stacking capacity of 2, it adds the blind effect twice, obscuring the vision and accuracy of enemies. This smokescreen provides a valuable opportunity for your party to evade attacks and maneuver strategically in the battlefield.
    • Thunderclap Grenade (Combat Item): The Thunderclap Grenade is a powerful explosive that unleashes havoc on enemy parties. With a stacking capacity of 2, it inflicts chaos by shuffling the enemy party, disrupting their formations and plans. Additionally, it adds the stun effect to enemies with a 25% chance, incapacitating them and rendering them vulnerable to your party’s attacks. This explosive ordinance can turn the tide of battle in your favor.
  • Mortar and Pestle (Medical Gear): Chance to produce Poultice items before each location.
    The Mortar and Pestle is a valuable medical gear that grants a chance to produce Poultice items before each location. This essential tool allows your party to harness the healing properties of Poultices, providing valuable recovery and support during your expeditions.
    • Calming Incense (Poultice): The Calming Incense, a potent concoction infused with eldritch essence, exudes a soothing aura that banishes 2 units of stress from 2 targets. Its ethereal fragrance wraps around the weary souls, easing their troubled minds and granting a momentary respite from the encroaching darkness.
    • Clarifying Poultice (Poultice): The Clarifying Poultice, a mysterious blend of arcane herbs and forbidden knowledge, bestows a formidable boon upon its recipient. With its eldritch infusion, it augments stun resistance by a staggering 40%, warding off the debilitating effects of otherworldly assaults. The mind becomes fortified, shielded from the sinister forces that seek to render it inert.
    • Clotting Poultice (Poultice): The Clotting Poultice, steeped in the essence of forbidden rituals, weaves an occult enchantment upon its wearer. Imbued with eldritch power, it bolsters bleed resistance by 25%, thwarting the insidious flow of life essence from seeping away. The wounds constrict and heal, as if defying the very laws of nature.
    • Impermeable Poultice (Poultice): The Impermeable Poultice, a mystic concoction forged in realms beyond mortal comprehension, imparts a mystical shield against the corrupting forces of blight. Its eldritch infusion fortifies blight resistance by 25%, rendering the flesh impervious to the noxious tendrils that seek to rot and decay. The body becomes a bastion of resilience, defying the taint of decay.
    • Soothing Poultice (Poultice): The Soothing Poultice, a brew of esoteric herbs and arcane essences, radiates a soothing warmth that imbues the recipient with enhanced burn resistance. Infused with eldritch energy, it fortifies burn resistance by 25%, shielding the flesh from the searing touch of infernal flames. The body remains unscathed, as if bathed in an ethereal fire that consumes naught but darkness.
    • Stimulating Poultice (Poultice): The Stimulating Poultice, a potent elixir distilled from eldritch ingredients, bestows a surge of otherworldly energy upon its user. With its mysterious infusion, it quickens the senses and grants a burst of speed, enhancing the recipient’s agility by 4. The body becomes attuned to the hidden rhythms of the cosmos, moving with preternatural grace and swiftness.
  • Collector’s Chandelier (Luxury Gear): Expands the stacking capacity of Candles of Hope by 4 and increases the chances of candles of hope appearing at each location by 33%. The ethereal glow of the Collector’s Chandelier mesmerizes all who behold it, an opulent relic. While its impact on the cosmic symphony of gameplay is limited, it liberates coveted inventory space, a practical boon for cunning explorers. Though overshadowed by higher-tier relics, the Collector’s Chandelier aids in the meticulous dance of inventory management during perilous expeditions.
  • Carriage Lamps (Road Gear) provide a 33% resistance against feelings of loathing. These mystical lamps ward off the darkness and negative emotions that can hinder your journey, allowing you to traverse the roads with greater resilience and resolve. Embrace the comforting glow of the Carriage Lamps and navigate the perils of the road with steadfast determination.

F Tier

  • Academic’s Map (Scouting Gear): The arcane power of the Academic’s Map unveils the concealed enclaves of academic’s caches, ensuring their discovery. These enigmatic caches, symbolized by chest, safeguard coveted relics, baubles, and nourishment. Invoke the map’s eldritch guidance to unlock esoteric wisdom and lay claim to the fathomless treasures concealed within. However, if your party is well-equipped with abundant gear and relics, the Academic’s Map can be safely removed from the stagecoach.
  • Jumbo Storage Trunk (Storage Gear): Unveiling a mysterious extradimensional space, the Jumbo Storage Trunk defies the constraints of conventional inventory limitations. With its arcane power, it grants a remarkable increase of 6 additional inventory slots, expanding your party’s capacity to carry essential supplies, treasures, and artifacts.
  • Telescope: The Telescope is a versatile tool that provides a 20% bonus to location scouting. By expanding your vision and honing your observation skills, it allows you to spot hidden treasures, potential threats, and advantageous paths during your explorations. With the Telescope in your possession, you can navigate the treacherous landscapes with greater confidence and make informed decisions about your next moves.
  • Crow’s Nest (Scouting Gear): The Crow’s Nest, a prized scouting gear, enhances location scouting by 15%, revealing hidden secrets and potential rewards. Offering valuable advantages without the profound impact of higher tiers, the Crow’s Nest yields to its practical utility.
  • Medicine Chest (Medical Gear): The Medicine Chest enhances your healing arsenal, increasing the stacking capacity for bandagesantivenom, and burn salve by 4. With this expanded capacity, each party member can carry 6 of these vital items, ensuring a well-prepared approach to treating wounds, countering poisons, and soothing burns. The Medicine Chest fortifies your party’s resilience and safeguards their well-being in the face of perilous expeditions.
    • Bandages (Medical Gear): Bandages, a potent remedy in the face of affliction, remove Bleed and heal 10% of health tokens for a single target.
    • Burn Salve (Medical Gear): The Burn Salve, a balm for searing wounds, eradicates Burn and heals 10% of health for a single target.
    • Antivenom (Medical Gear): Antivenom, a shield against venomous maladies, eliminates Blight and heals 10% of health for a single target.
  • Explosives Magazine (Tinker’s Gear): Increases stacking for incendiary cocktail, smoke bomb, and ichor bomb items by 4. This arcane artifact empowers your arsenal with a heightened capacity for devastation.With each incendiary cocktail, a single target is set ablaze, engulfed in five relentless flames. The ichor bomb inflicts a putrid blight upon its target, corroding their vitality. And the smoke bomb, with its enigmatic haze, shrouds the battlefield, ensnaring foes in a veil of blindness x2. While the impact of carrying extra is situational, their potential for chaos and disruption cannot be denied. The Explosives Magazine radiates a volatile allure, beckoning audacious adventurers to embrace its fiery potency.
  • Bottle Case (Medical Gear): The Bottle Case increases the stacking capacity for ablative powders, clotting powders, neutralizing powders, shimmering powder, and laudanum items by 6. These specialized substances offer unique effects, ranging from enhancing protection against certain damage types to mitigating negative conditions.
    • Ablative Powders (Combat Item): Ablative Powders, imbued with esoteric properties, fortify a single target against burn effects. Each stack increases burn resistance by 66% and grants -1 resistance to additional burn effects upon activation.
    • Clotting Powders (Combat Item): Clotting Powders bolster a single target’s resistance to bleed effects. Each stack increases bleed resistance by 66% and grants -1 resistance to additional bleed effects, accompanied by a minor increase in stress.
    • Neutralizing Powders (Combat Item): Neutralizing Powders enhance a single target’s resistance to blight effects. Each stack increases blight resistance by 66% and grants -1 resistance to additional blight effects, albeit with a slight increase in stress.
    • Shimmering Powder (Combat Item): Shimmering Powder envelops a single target in mystical brilliance, granting stealth and a slight increase in speed. Each stack provides two uses of stealth and a small boost to speed.
    • Laudanum (Combat Item): Laudanum, a potent elixir, removes horror from a single target. Each stack can remove horror four times, offering relief from the debilitating effects of dread and reducing stress levels by a small amount.
  • Compress Kit (Medical Gear): The Compress Kit augments the stacking capacity of Clotting Poultice, Impermeable Poultice, Soothing Poultice, Clarifying Poultice, and Stimulating Poultice by 4 per stack. These poultices possess healing, protective, and cleansing properties that promote the recovery and well-being of your party.
  • Food Barrels (Food Gear): Enhances the hoarding of sustenance, but dwells in the depths of mediocrity. The Food Barrels, vessels of limited import, seek to optimize the storage of nourishment for your weary band. With their meager augmentation, they grant a trifling increase to the stacking capacity of food items, sustaining your party amidst the treacherous perils that assail them.
    • Slime mold
      A sinister slime mold, targetting one victim, infuses them with a dark power. It grants a 10% increase to their maximum health until the next inn. Beware, for there is a 5% chance it may also bestow a dreadful disease or an eerie quirk.
    • Stale Bread
      Consuming the stale bread grants an unsettling vitality to a single target. Their maximum health is bolstered by 20% until the next inn, sustaining them amidst the horrors that lurk.
    • Apple and Cheese
      Partaking in the strange combination of apple and cheese imparts a peculiar resilience to a chosen soul. Their maximum health is enhanced by 20% until the next inn, while a 5% increase in debuff resistance shields them from unseen malevolence.
    • Steak and Spuds
      A dish of steak and spuds, consumed by one unfortunate soul, bestows both fortitude and affliction. Their maximum health swells by 30%, bolstering their endurance against the encroaching darkness. However, their speed is cursed with a decline of 1, and they find movement and resistance against diseases more challenging, with only a 10% chance of success.
    • Flapjacks
      Partaking in the mystic flapjacks grants a boon to a chosen one’s well-being. A 20% increase in maximum health fortifies their constitution until the next inn. Furthermore, a 5% resistance to bleed, blight, and burn protects them from the insidious afflictions that await in the shadows.
  • Storage Trunk (Camping Gear): The Storage Trunk is a practical camping gear that only provides an expansion of +2 inventory slots. With its meager compartments, it enables your party to carry a few additional items and resources during their expeditions.

Pet Tier List

Pets, those enigmatic companions bestowed upon us by the mysterious forces at play, hold a special place in the ever-evolving realm of the Stagecoach.

S Tier

  • Pygmy Pliskin: diminutive serpent of the shadows, thrives in the realm of healing and restoration. With each Medical Gear equipped, it bestows a +10% increase in healing received. Its mysterious power also manifests as a random hero being healed by 10% after each perilous encounter, rejuvenating them for the trials that lie ahead.
  • Orphan Wolf Cub: The Orphan Wolf Cub, a forsaken soul, finds solace amidst the trappings of luxury. Its presence grants a +5% resistance against the stress-inducing terrors of the unknown for each Luxury Gear equipped. Furthermore, its eerie companionship increases the chance of positive relationships by 10%, fostering camaraderie within the party.

A Tier

  • Shrieker Chick: The Shrieker Chick, an eerie offspring of the enigmatic Shrieker, is drawn to the secrets revealed through scouting. It enhances your party’s critical prowess with a +2% increase in critical hit chance for each Scouting Gear equipped. Additionally, it manifests its peculiar power by increasing the quantity of looted baubles, ensuring your party reaps greater rewards from their explorations.
  • Hatchling Crocodilian: The Hatchling Crocodilian, a creature of ancient lineage, harnesses the power of movement. With each movement in battle, it gains a temporary +3% increase in damage for the duration of the encounter. However, this increased ferocity comes at the cost of a -1 Speed, slowing its movements in subsequent turns.

B Tier

  • Unnatural Owlet: The Unnatural Owlet, a creature touched by arcane forces, revels in the complexities of tinkering and invention. It grants a +5% resistance piercing against debilitating afflictions for each Tinker’s Gear equipped, defying the very essence of debuffing. Moreover, its eerie presence increases the chance of producing valuable items from the Stagecoach, enriching the resources available to your party.
  • Mucilaginous Slime: The Mucilaginous Slime, a gelatinous entity of primordial origins, thrives in the realm of the road. With each Road Gear equipped, it provides a +5% resistance against debilitation, rendering your party more resilient against the malevolent forces that seek to impede their progress. Its presence also augments the chances of looting valuable items from the remnants of the road, enriching your journey with additional resources.
  • Reanimated Rabbit: The Reanimated Rabbit, a spectral creature born of shadow and decay, embodies the essence of sustenance. It grants an increase of +1 Speed for each Food Gear equipped, enhancing the agility and responsiveness of its bearer. Additionally, for every four units of food in your inventory, it bestows an additional +1 HP, fortifying your party’s endurance.

C Tier

  • Larval Carrion Eater: The Larval Carrion Eater, a creature spawned in the depths of decay, thrives on the aftermath of battle. It gains special abilities upon delivering a killing blow, granting it the power to heal 30%, block damage, and increase its critical hit chance. Its gruesome presence serves as a reminder of the inevitable cycle of life and death.
  • Crimson Tick: The Crimson Tick, a bloodthirsty parasite, thrives on the life essence of its victims. It has a chance to produce the coveted substance known as The Blood upon delivering a killing blow, a potent elixir sought by those who crave its dark powers.

D Tier

  • Shambler’s Spawn (Stained): The Shambler’s Spawn, an entity born of the forbidden rituals, is imbued with a cursed stain. Its presence unlocks the hidden potential of Cultist Trinkets, granting them enhanced powers. However, this sinister companion brings a heavy price, as it obstructs your party’s ability to scout locations and routes. Yet, in return, it offers unprecedented insight into the realms of Oblivion Ingress, allowing your party to navigate the abyssal depths with heightened awareness. This pet has significant downsides, like reducing location & route scouting, but its ability to boost Cultist Trinkets could be strategically used in specific circumstances.

Boss Lair Trophies Tier List

S Tier

  • The General’s Dream: The General’s Dream, a dark relic of unimaginable power, grants the wielder an unholy dominance over the battlefield (+200% damage). With a permanent immobilization token, heroes are bound to their starting positions, unable to escape the impending doom. In exchange, they are bestowed with a sinister surge of strength, dealing devastating damage to their foes. This trophy is a double-edged sword, wielding immense destructive potential but requiring caution in boss battles that demand strategic positioning.

A Tier

  • The Beck and Call: The Beck and Call, an artifact dripping with the essence of suffering, amplifies the wrath of bleeding wounds (+100% bleed damage). Heroes equipped with this malevolent trophy unleash torrents of blood, inflicting heightened damage through their vicious Bleed attacks. However, they must also bear the burden of increased vulnerability, enduring the harsh consequences of Bleed effects (+100% Bleed Bleed Received). This trophy is ideal for those who revel in the art of bloodshed, complementing heroes proficient in the art of Bleeding.
  • The Complete Catalogue: The Complete Catalogue, an infernal compendium of forbidden knowledge, grants its wielder the power to scorch their enemies with unholy fire applying 3 burn. Critical hits become catalysts for incineration, igniting a fierce Burn effect that consumes the unfortunate souls caught in its flames. Furthermore, at the onset of battle, there is a 25 percent chance a potent 3 Burn engulfs the battlefield, setting the stage for relentless conflagration. This trophy excels in inflicting prolonged damage over time, particularly suited for those who harness the destructive might of Burn and its resistance.

B Tier

  • The Nightmare’s End: A twisted talisman born from the realm of nightmares, grants its bearer a morbid advantage in the acquisition of trinkets. Prices of these coveted relics are slashed by 75%, allowing for more accessible and economical choices. While it may not directly influence combat prowess, it offers a significant advantage in assembling a formidable arsenal of trinkets, fortifying heroes for the impending horrors that await.
  • The Harvest’s Bounty: The Harvest’s Bounty, a mystical cornucopia of abundance, expands the finite limits of inventory space by a tremendous 25 slots. It offers the means to carry a greater assortment of vital supplies and plundered treasures. Adventurers who venture forth in search of untold riches and resources will find this trophy invaluable, ensuring they can hoard their spoils and necessities without hindrance.

C Tier

  • The Lashing Tides: The Lashing Tides, an artifact resonating with the chaotic forces of battle, enhances the stacking capacity of combat items by two per stack. While this augmentation can prove advantageous for managing a stockpile of crucial items, its overall impact may not be as significant compared to other trophies. Nonetheless, it aids in optimizing inventory management and strategic item usage, providing a modest advantage in the unpredictable tumult of combat. When combined with item stacking stagecoach upgrades, it allows for the accumulation of a substantial number of combat items, which can be strategically deployed in challenging encounters, particularly against formidable bosses.


In the stygian recesses of the Darkest Dungeon, the enigma of survival weaves a tumultuous web. Yet, as we traverse through this twilight abyss, wielding the insight from this guide like an occultist’s talisman, may we find solace in our preparedness.

Remember, dear traveler, knowledge is the greatest weapon against the creeping shadows, the ghastly beasts, and the insidious madness that lurks in the heart of the Dungeon. In the face of oblivion, we wield our resolve and these humble tools to shine a lantern in the stygian gloom.

Yet, beware! For the true essence of Darkest Dungeon 2 does not lie in the practicalities of this mortal coil, but in the nebulous realms of the mind. Strategies and tactics, those rational methods of combat, can only take you so far. In the end, it is your will, your fortitude against the maddening whispers in the dark, that will truly define your journey.

To comprehend the indescribable and face the unfathomable, these are our lot. Yet armed with wisdom and courage, we may yet prevail against the encroaching darkness. To those who dare to plumb the depths of the Darkest Dungeon, I wish you good fortune. May the light guide you on your perilous journey.

In the face of madness, we stand resolute. For we are the flame.

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  1. Great guide, and entertainingly written!
    But a really important correction:
    “The General’s Dream, a dark relic of unimaginable power, grants the wielder an unholy dominance over the battlefield (+200% damage)”

    The Effect is not a flat +200% damage
    its actually ” Corpse: +200% DMG”
    so you instantly kill a corpse you attack (I assume to go with his buried bodies mechanic)

    Its still the best trophy, not getting your party shuffled is so huge and can bust some difficult fights and bosses wide open.

  2. griddle also has the added bonus of knowing that your guys get to eat decent food after dozens of runs where they only get to eat slime and dry bread

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