Darkest Dungeon – Lone Survivor Achievement Guide (Without Beating a Boss with 1 Hero)

This guide will tell you how to get the “Lone Survivor” achievement without actually beating a boss with 1 hero (Disclaimer: You’ll have to sacrifice 3 of your heroes to do this).

How to Earn Lone Survivor Achievement

How I Found Out About This

So when I finally killed the Swine King, all of my heroes were insanely low on hp, and since I thought it didn’t count if I retreated, I tried to kill Wilbur, and failed horribly. With one hero left to spare, I retreated, getting the achievement and completing the quest.

Getting the Achievement

The boss you have to kill for this to work Swine Prince/King/God. I chose this boss because from my knowledge, it’s the only boss that doesn’t despawn the remaining enemies, which in this case is Wilbur. After killing the boss you just have to wait until Wilbur kills 3 heroes, and then retreat. This will cause the quest to be completed and you will get the “Lone Survivor” achievement.

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