DAVE THE DIVER – Mantis Shrimp Fight Tips

Tips to Mantis Shrimp Fight

When he does one of his big attacks it spawns an ammo container. I fought him on the left and it dropped down about his torso area, landing somewhat right of where the weapon crate spawns in.

I beat him with only the supplied O2 and a 376ish tank. Level 2 normal rifle.

Had scooters as my items, ended with like 200 O2. Really need to learn the rhythm of this fight, moving from the chain to the range to hit his eyes was the biggest thing for me. Scooters let me get a few extra shots in each time, was able to get a few hits on his small unguarded portion with them as well.

High level sniper rifles would probably make this fight the easiest, saving time with the range.

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