Dead by Daylight – Chinese New Year Event 2023

Hello everyone, this guide will help you better understand the Chinese New Year event and find out the rewards for its passage.

What is the Essence of the Chinese New Year Event?

The event consists of collecting red envelopes (which will be added to the game later). These envelopes were relevant in the Chinese New Year 2022 and were disabled upon its completion. This year you will also be able to use envelopes (possibly slightly modified), find them on the map when playing and get additional blood points.

Also, if you can find an envelope and use it at the end of the game, you can get event items in the amount of 10 pieces, but more on that later.

An early celebration is currently taking place in the game. This means that during this time there will be full preparation for the event. The early celebration will take place from January 17 to January 24. After the start of the event on January 24, log in to the game every day until February 7 to receive 50 thousand blood points (you can get 700 thousand in total).

Cosmetic Items from Past Chinese New Year Events

I’m sure many people love free items that give a festive mood. This year, the developers decided to please us with a lot of cosmetic items.

First of all, I want to say that throughout the event, developers will leave promo codes on their social networks. By entering a promo code in the game store, you will be able to get cosmetic items for past Chinese New Year events. Promo codes will give you the following items:

  • January 18: Dwight Fairfield — Rat Cap of the Year, Spirit — Scarlet Blade
  • January 20: Jane Romero — Striped Top, Hillbilly — Ferocious Rat Hammer
  • January 23: David King — Striped Punk Pants , Hunter — Golden Sting, Neya Karlsson — Rat Top

Follow social networks and enter codes to get rewards!

Also, the developers decided to introduce the issuance of rewards for daily entry. By logging into the game daily from January 17 to January 23, you will be able to get the following items:

  • January 17 Nurse — Festive dress
  • January 18 Zarina Kassir — Gilded Curls
  • January 19 Clown — Wild Grin
  • January 20 Kate Denson — Torn Hat
  • January 21 Artist — A fascinating dress
  • January 22 Adam Francis — The Shining Bull
  • January 23 Artist — Bloody Gaze

Cosmetic Items of the Chinese New Year 2023

As I wrote earlier, you can get as many as 10 new items for this event. To get them, you need to find a red envelope during the game and use it. After the end of the game (it doesn’t matter if you escaped or died), you will receive 1 random item of cosmetics out of 10.

Next is a list of cosmetic items:

  • Trickster — The Hidden Rabbit
  • The Doctor is a Costume of madness
  • They are a Caper
  • Mor — Golden Cylinder
  • Lee Yongchin — The Golden Rabbit
  • Honas Vasquez — Employee Badge
  • Claudette Morel — Triangular Glasses
  • Elodie Rakoto — Running in circles

A nice bonus will be 2 amulets (For the survivor and for the killer) that will perfectly decorate your hook on this holiday:

  • Moon Rabbit
  • Quiet Rabbit

Paper Lanterns and a New Costume Collection

A paper flashlight is a new item that you can interact with. It appears during a match at an unused totem. Both the killer and the survivors can interact with him.

Using a paper flashlight, the player briefly receives power-ups: increased movement speed in a “Hurry” and increased speed of overcoming obstacles.

I am sure many of you love beautiful costumes for your survivors, in honor of the Chinese New Year, the developers will provide a new collection of costumes for Feng Ming and Vittorio Toscano. Perhaps they, like Halloween exclusive costumes, will be available for a certain time. The costumes will be available in the store on January 24.

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