Dead by Daylight – Lurking Stripes Lunar Event Checklist

Make sure you claw in those items with this handy checklist and reap the benefits of the Lunar New Year in style.

Unlockable through the Lurking Stripes Event (25th January – 8th February.)

Event Details

The Lurking Stripes Event will run from ’25th January, 2pm EST – 8th February, 2pm EST.’

There will be Lunar hooks and Generators decorating the Realm in spirit of the season. Items such as the Chinese Firecracker (works similar to a Flashbang) and the Festive Toolbox can also be found once more in Survivors Bloodweb’s only throughout this period.

To gain the rewards shown in the checklist, you must first bring an Offering (found in both Killer and Survivor Bloodweb’s) called a Red Envelope.

With this Offering active, your Red Envelope will spawn in the trial. The Aura of your Red Envelope is revealed to you and you must interact with it to reveal its Aura to all other players in the trial.

When another player interacts with your Red Envelope only then will you be awarded with an Event Reward. You gain Bloodpoints for interacting with other players offerings and your own.

That was quite an info-dump there, so lets break it down a bit:

  • You must bring a Red Envelope Offering.
  • Interact with it, to increase the chances of it being found by another player.
  • When another player interacts with your envelope you will get some red sparks around you to notify you of it and by the end of the match, you’ll receive your reward.

Don’t panic if your reward doesn’t show up in the end game results screen, they should show when you leave the results screen.

Also please note that you may bring an Offering and complete the first two steps, only for another player to not interact with it (thus leaving you without your reward). Don’t be disheartened and keep at it.


Without further ado, here’s what we all came for. There are a total of 10 items to collect in this Event:

Please note that in order to get the checklist done quickly, so that it can be helpful to more people; I have used generic names for some cosmetics and will be updating the guide with their actual titles as and when when I collect them. Thank you for your understanding.

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