Dead by Daylight – Understanding Matchmaking / MMR

I’m very active in community groups and constantly see people posting misinformation or complete ignorance (or arrogance?) at how match making works. So I created this to provide some clarity and remove that misinformation.

Step 1

Enlarge the image.

Step 2

Now you’re informed, how confident are you that you’re in “top rank” hurr durr.


  1. understanding mmr: it doesnt actually exist and mm is just randomly throwing people at similar ranks together killers get artifically boosted so until higher ends you wont get a killer that doesnt tunnel and camp

  2. Maybe thats what they wanted, but it definitely does not work as intended. You cant convince me that it actually functions and isnt just there for show

    • For as long as there is insufficient players on either side resulting in bloodpoint queue incentives, the system won’t work.

  3. Do you happen to know if the MMR ever resets? I know if you don’t play for a while it gets adjusted.

    • Also, I think I heard when you’re in a SWF the MMR is the average of the group. Is that true?

      • an October Dev update revealed if you take a break from DBD, your MMR will go down, and rapidly adjust when you start playing again. We don’t have any data on over what length of time MMR decays however. Not sure about the average MMR in SWF situation, sorry.ban

    • I think it would take a lot more than 4 matches, given the increments are 20. Unfortunately the matchmaking brackets are unknown, so we don’t know when we fall or rise from one bracket to another.

      That said, it’s kind of moot anyway, at least in OCE, as 90% of the time there is a bloodpoint queue matchmaking incentive which disregards your MMR anyway.

  4. Thank you for the information and the graphic looks nice. Do you happen to know how a disconnect affects the mmr ranking for both sides?

    • A disconnect is a loss for a survivor, and counts as a kill for the Killer, which I’m quite pleased with, as those serial DCers will drop their MMR into oblivion while the rest of us have a lesser chance of being matched with them in the future.

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