Dead by Daylight – Why to Use Object of Obsession

Knowledge is power and there is no greater perk at providing that than Object of Obsession.

What Is Object of Obsession?

All credit goes to dangerous !

Object of Obsession can be looked at as a supernatural bond that links a Survivor to the Killer. Whenever a Killer would read Survivor’s aura in any way (be it a perk or an add-on) the Killer’s aura is also revealed to Survivor in return. In that period of time the survivor gains 6% speed to healing, repairing generators and cleansing totems. If the Survivor who runs Object is the Killer’s Obsession their aura will be revealed to the Killer once every 30 seconds for 3 seconds.

This all might sound like a lot to unpack but it’s really quite simple. The Killer will often see you but they will also often not know you can see them back as well. This will give you an upper hand because you will have a small window of time to prepare your plan of deception. I can not count how many times I have acted completely oblivious just to change my direction as soon as the aura reading stopped. Many killers were left checking lockers or being completely stumped on where I could possibly be.

In a way Object of Obsession is a close cousin to aura-blocking perks like Distortion,Off the Record, Boon:Shadow Step and Sole Survivor. While it may not block your aura to the Killer it will provide you with enough information to plan your escape and improve your mind games by ten fold. It’s a different side of the same coin. While restricting information is satisfying, allowing the Killer to believe they know something you don’t is just a tiny bit more so.

Using Object is definitely for people who like to play more proactively, and like to meddle with the dark. Darkness will often find you exposed and hiding behind that box will often backfire if you’re the Obsession. While some people don’t like this risky aspect of Object; it definitely has a protective role as it can often light up to let you know you need to adjust your actions accordingly. Let us see why and where it is most useful:

Object’s Uses

Above all, Object is a perk of deduction. It allows you to often determine all the perks of a Killer and even who you might be playing against in the first few seconds of the game. Knowledge is power.

1) Barbecue and Chilli

The bread and butter of many Killer players. This is the one you will most often face and offers the greatest option to deceive. Are you working on a gen across the map? Keep working on it for those 4 more seconds and act stupid; then as soon as the lights go out walk away (goes well with Urban Evasion or Fixated!).

2) A Nurse’s Calling

Object is a great way to spot Nurse’s Calling and stop healing immediately. This can save a lot of games. Interesting thing about Nurse’s Calling is that even if in range it will not activate unless the Killer is facing you so it acts as a better Spine Chill in this case.

3) I’m All Ears

Ooooh, this one is satisfying. While in chase Object completely renders this perk useless. In fact it even gives you an advantage because the Killer does not know you see them at all.

4) Bitter Murmur

Object users easily determine a Bitter Murmur and prepare for it when the last gen pops. They also know that Bitter Murmur strongly correlates with NOED usage. So be careful when you see this one and remember the totem spawns during the game.

5) Lethal Pursuer

This is self explanatory. RUN FAST and warn your friends. If a stealth killer like Myers is using this you can even determine that off the bat.

6) Blood Warden

One of the more eccentric uses of Object is that it allows you to check for Blood Warden. In case the gates are open just stand in the gate area and if the Killer’s aura is shown to you, you most likely need to get out unless you have some cool plan for saving private Ryan.

Other perks you can determine with Object are Hex:Undying and Deerstalker. And since nearly every killer has some form of aura reading attached to their add-ons Object will be relevant in some way nearly every game.


Tip 1: On paper you get the most value out of Object by being the Obsession. But in reality avoiding the Obsession status is the most deceptive strategy (some items like key add ons and For the People perk reduce your chances of being one). All in all both instances offer great value and strategy.

Tip 2: Object of Obsession will likely suck against stealth killers. It essentially becomes a useless version of Spine Chill. If you’re the Obsession your location will frequently be revealed and you’ll often get nothing in return. Except the thrill which honestly I kinda live for.

Tip 3: I love pairing Object with Kindred too but be careful if you do. Always have Object as top icon in the perk slot so you don’t get confused. If Object is not lit up it’s only Kindred that is in effect but if Object icon does light up remember the Killer can also see you!

Tip 4: I don’t recommend using Boon:Shadow Step in the same build as Object. It defeats its purpose in many ways because you will not be shown to the Killer and neither will they to you.

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