Dead Cells – How to Access the Return to Castlevania DLC

How to Find the Castlevania DLC

If you’re like me and haven’t played Dead Cells in a long time then this is how you find the Castlevania DLC.

  1. Get back to the starting area (prisoner’s quarter). This requires dying if you’re someplace else in the world.
  2. Continue forward and you should eventually see a bunch of red bats move across the screen. Keep going and you’ll see Richter soon.
  3. Down the hallway from Richter will be the Castlevania entrance portal.

Here’s some screen shots for reference:

Useful Tips

If you are just starting to play, it will be useful for you to know about the secret code in the Return to Castlevania DLC.

If you correctly enter the cheat code, you’ll get the Morning Star Whip!

It also really helps you at the beginning of the game to have the Alucard’s Shield. How to get: Roll through the wall down past Alucard.

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