Dead Cells – Return to Castlevania Free Maria Renard

In Dead Cells Return to Castlevania there is a special NPC players can find and free named Maria Renard. Maria is trapped in the Castle’s Outskirts biome and can only be unlocked by completing a very specific task.

To help you complete this task here’s our Dead Cells Return to Castlevania free Maria Renard guide.

How to Free Maria Renard

As you playthrough the Castle’s Outskirts biome you will come across Maria Renard locked in a room. This room can only be opened by getting a special key. The key you need to get to open this door is the Ribboned Key. The Ribboned Key is held by Maria’s cat who can be found running around in the lower portion of the Castle’s Outskirts biome.

Where exactly this cat spawns in the biome appears to be slightly random. I’ve had it appear near the drawbridge, but also near the elevator. Regardless, when you do encounter Maria’s cat you need to chase it down. When you get close to it you will be prompted to grab the Ribboned Key from off of it. Do this then go to Maria’s cell and open it.

Once the cell is open approach Maria and speak to her. After you conversation you will unlock the Maria Renard Outfit. Additionally pet Maria’s cat to unlock the Maria’s Cat item for use during your runs.

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