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This guide will be about most achievements and how to get them, i will also be covering hidden achievements though as of writing this i am missing both boss rush trophy’s and the explosion trophy’s.

Guide to Complete the Game

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Kill Ember (Dying Ember)

This achievement isnt hard at all… to get to atleast. all you need to do is beat scourge without breaking any of the crystals which i elaborate further once we get there.

Dying Ember’s attacks are the deadliest in the game being able to one shot you with any move in his arsenal. This is only possible because of the lack of invincibility frames when hit causing you to get hit many times per second effectively killing you instantly.

Laser Beam

  • The laser beam is a giant beam that comes out and strikes in a straight line in front of ember.
  • You can tell when ember will do this move when he closes his eyes and starts groaning.
  • The laser beam attack is one of his hardest to get accustomed to but once you do its a piece of cake The laser beam cant move when deployed and takes a while to come out.
  • Dash away and it wont hit you, dash to early and ember will track you then fire it effectively screwing you over unless ya got lucky.

Wailing dash

  • Wailing dash is a short range dash that needs fast reaction time for if you wanna stay close.
  • You cant tell when ember is gonna do it but you can tell when he is in it by a giant frown.
  • This move is the main reason why you don’t want to stay close to ember while you don’t have your dash.
  • The move by itself isn’t that scary considering the fact that it deals 1 damage on contact but since you start the fight with 1 hp its a scary move early in the fight
  • This move does insta kill you if you are caught inside of embers hit-box.
  • You can also deflect this move with a Ignite.

Light bursts

  • Light bursts is a bunch small glowing lights that explode into massive almost undependable explosions thrown by ember himself.
  • You can tell when he does this by the hand appearing + the lights before they explode.
  • This attack can punish you for staying too far away from ember with or without your dash.
  • Save your ignite when he does this move in case you have to dodge INTO him so you don’t have to take damage.
  • This attack is a insta-kill SOMETIMES from my experience.

Ritual rings

  • Ritual rings is an attack where the signs on the floor light up and deal damage.
  • you can tell when he is going to do this when he teleport’s to the top of the room/when the floor signs turn red.
  • This attack is a freebie to regen health / stamina.
  • You can fit in 1 health regen if you stand still in the bottom half of the map and ignite when he gets close.

8 Bears

This boss is a joke boss that is not to be taken seriously. Though it does have a vicious 1 shot attack it is not to be feared since any shot by your attacks while stun it.

I will not be covering this bosses attacks.

Kill Progenitor Without Exploding

This task may seem impossible at first but it is easily cleared with the correct strategy. The Progenitor is overrun with small enemy’s that need to be cleared with explosions but with enough practice you will succeed.

The main gimmick of this challenge is that you cant explode which may seem like a impossible Nerf until you realize that your main weapon has a piercing shot every once in a while.

Never stay in the middle always try to aim for the largest horde if they seem like a threat but mostly keep your focus on the prog.

Never stay in one spot or you will be over run and get the dash ability before you try this challenge and it should be a peace of cake.

Never Allow Vesicle to Heal

This challenge requires you to never let those purple monsters get to vesicle himself.

Try to keep vesicle on the top side of the map so the monsters have to travel a much longer way so they have more opportunity’s to die.

Staying on the bridge during the whole challenge wouldn’t be a bad idea since you cant take out all of the healers and push vesicle back but in practice you would lose your balance really quick due to his Rot growth attack.

This is okay though because the healers always come in a horizontal line so the piercing shot of your primary could destroy them all in seconds if you are standing horizontally (off the bridge).

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