Dead Event – Guide to Hidden Stats on Weapons (Useful for Crystal Farming)

I want to share some knowledge about which weapon is best for crystal farming that new players might not know. This is about giving you tricks to farm crystals faster and getting more attack speed for farming mobs. Three weapons in the game got hidden important stats which just show up by mutating, and those are the weapons you will want.

Weapon Hidden Stats

Shadow`s Blade

The shadow blade got 2 secret attack speed mods which discover on mutate.

Toxic Scythe

Toxic scythe is the best, be super lucky and find one with more attack speed is possible in both ways, there is the option to find more % attack speed on it, also having the base stat higher.

Talon`s (Best for Starters)

Those talon`s drop often on all alien crash sites and like everywhere.

They are easy to get, easy to mutate and give a bunch of attack speed.

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