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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How can we hunt wildlife if I am the only one a live? How could they are lived through that?

You don’t hunt, you scavenge for food like bags of chips or canned food which would need to be cooked at fires you build. You need to find resources to build fires at marked designated fire sight. Not much “lived through that” but some did which you will see late game.

Are there any NPC’s in the game? Do you get to build a camp to come back to?

You will come across many camp sites throughout the game which will be marked with a tent symbol and fire symbol. You gather appropriate resources to build each respectively. Most of the parts can be found close to the camp site. Your character is motivated to find a forever home so he doesn’t stay at camp sites. They are optional to build because you use them to make items. Bed make Health Kits, Fire makes Leg Wraps (for rad poisoning) and cooks canned food. As for NPCs There are none, but you DO come across some living things late game.

How large is the map?

This is a linear story game so you will have varying sized levels that you need to solve puzzles in to progress through. It is a good time. If this was open world, I’d kill myself. It just isn’t built for it lol.

Can we make weapons or improve them?

You have a flashlight and a Geiger counter to scan food/water (once you find it) You can find books, if you do enough exploring, which can be used at workbenches to upgrade stats like how fast you can run, how long the battery lasts in the flashlight, and other neat perks. Don’t kill yourself looking for these, they will be out in the open but you do have to explore a lot to cross them. Late game you do come across a couple weapons.

Do we found water sources to collect water in a bottle?

That would be cool but no, you find bottles and cans of different beverages around the levels. Drinks are probably the MOST of anything you will find followed by canned food (needs to be cooked and can only hold 3) You find ready to eat food less often but it is more useful since you don’t need fire.

Is food hard to find in this game?

As answered in the previous Q, canned food is plentiful but ready to eat is a little more scarce. Just make sure to cook all three of your canned foods when you build a fire.

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