Dead Space 2 – How to Obtain the Peng Treasure

One of the trademark easter eggs of the Dead Space franchise, the Peng Treasure is a small statuette that can be sold for a large amount of credits at a store terminal after it is obtained. This short guide provides instructions on how to obtain it in Dead Space 2.

Guide to Obtain the Peng Treasure

The Peng Treasure – What Is It?

The Peng Treasure is a recurring easter egg in the dead space series. It resembles a small statue of a woman, and one is hidden in every game. Once obtained, the treasure can be sold similar to semiconductors, and is worth a considerable sum. It cannot be used for any purpose, and can only be sold. In Dead Space 2, the statue is worth 10,000 credits, and is found in ‘Chapter 7: Power from the Sun”.

Walkthrough – How to Obtain the Peng Treasure

In chapter seven, Isaac is sent to the Sprawl’s solar power array in an attempt to restore power to the station. After fighting his way through to the computer core, Director Hans Tiedemann, the human antagonist of the game, locks down the solar power facility, trapping Isaac. At this point, the player must disable ANTI, the solar plant’s AI, to continue.

To do this, the player is sent through an L-shaped crawlway mounted on a swivelling armature to pull open and rewire two pairs of separated computer systems. This is achieved by pulling out small computer cores, and plugging them into a 2×2 grid in such a way that the cores light up green.

You want to go to the room that is on the left when the player is standing outside the computer rooms facing the crawlway entrance. Once in there, the player should insert the cores into the panel closest to the window in such a way that they all light up blue instead of green, like so:

This will cause a secret control panel to open up on the wall next to the crawlway hatch. Interacting with this button will cause the L-shaped crawlway to swivel to face backwards, allowing you to access the secret room with the Peng Treasure.

Once you have obtained the Peng Treasure, you will need to hold onto it until the next time you encounter a store, at which point you can sell it and gain cash. Dead Space 2 on Steam does not have achievements at the time of writing, so you will not receive an achievement like you do on Console. This may be subject to change, depending on the whims of EA.

Congrats! You’ve obtained the Peng Treasure! You are (potentially) ten thousand credits richer, and can now buy more consumables or a better gun.

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