Dead Space – Guide to Keeping Level 5 Armor Glitch (Remake)

Want to upgrade to the Level 6 Soldier Suit but don’t care for how it looks? This glitch may help you keep your level 5 suit even after you upgrade to the Soldier Suit.

Keeping Level 5 Armor Glitch

New Game + and the Soldier Suit

The Soldier Suit is pretty cool, but some people (including me) prefer Isaac’s Engineer suit, but there’s no way to go back to the engineer suit after upgrading to the Level 6 Soldier Suit. The closest you’ll get is equipping the Burnished Suit or DS-08 Suit skins. However, we may have found a way to keep the Level 5 Engineer suit, after upgrading to the Level 6 Soldier Suit.

The Bug

Now, I’m not 100% sure that this is a repeatable method, so it’s probably best to save before attempting this in-case it doesn’t work, but between what I did and one other person, this may be how to replicate the glitch.

  • Go to any store.
  • Equip a skin from your storage.
  • Unequip the skin.
  • Buy the Level 6 suit upgrade.

These are the steps I took when the glitch occurred for me, more specifically, I was at the store in the Flight Deck Tram Station during Chapter 11, I equipped the Burnished suit skin, switched to the DS-08 Suit Skin, unequipped the DS-08 skin, and then bought the Soldier Suit. I came out of the kiosk still wearing the Level 5 Engineer Suit, but I had the Level 6 Soldier Suit armor stats.


I’m sorry to say, but if you’ve already upgraded to the Soldier Suit, there’s probably no way to revert back to the Level 5 appearance without loading a prior save. Hopefully this method works for you, I’ll be sure to update the guide if any new information comes out or, worst case scenario, the bug gets patched.

Extra info about the bug

If you want to switch to the Soldier Suit appearance after performing the bug, all you have to do is equip and unequip a suit skin, this will fix the bug. You will not be able to revert back to the level 5 suit after this, so be sure this is what you really want.

The bug persists after saving and loading, restarting the game, AND when you complete the game. No need to worry about losing the appearance even after beating New Game +, when you start another new game + run, Isaac will still be in the Level 5 suit while retaining the Soldier Suit stats.

Thanks so much for reading my guide.

Written by Alt

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