Dead Space – How to Out of Bounds

How to Out of Bounds

Just stumbled on this peculiar gem, its very simple, get to Comms Array from Atrium- just a few past the infamous break room melee code room at the bottom of Bridge Floor 1.

So you’re in that big room with the puzzle and you look to the left of it and see one side of the wall there should be a hole made out of dead bodies… above it there’s an opening between the bodies and the roof of the place which allows you to squeeze into the ceiling and above the glass?

From there,then go higher in the center in any direction and voila. I’m in chapter 10, when i go out of bounds I’m loaded directly below the contained marker creepily enough, i can see a lot of other shapes and pieces of the environment. Pretty neat.

I wonder whether what is loaded once you step beyond of bounds changes based on where you are in any particular play-through.

While you can, see what you can discover!

The Area

This is the spot to the left.

If you expirienced player, may be you want to chellenge yourself with Impossible Mode!

If you’re an experienced player, you might want to try Impossible Mode!

UPD: Also when I spacewalk higher the map where i need to progress loads and I either fall or land on something then immediately get pummeled downward only to load back in the Comm Array room, hm.

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