Dead Space – Tips for Surviving (Remake)

Tips and tricks for a better surviving, might make your journey in the spaceship like shopping in supermarket.

Tips and Tricks

Those tips and tricks will help you survive ISHIMURA like a walk in a park (maybe).

I need more Health!

There is a trick for you to gain as much as health with minimum credits.

  • Each time you upgrade your health with power nodes, your health gets 100% recovered. Whenever you gets hurt and have kind of 1 health left, go for a Bench, upgrade health once.
  • Note that during your gameplay, you can re-acquire your power nodes for 5,000 credits.
  • Combine two things above, you can sell your small/medium/large med pack. Whenever you need health, use 5000 credit to remove all node in your RIG, then use the same nodes to upgrade your health and gain 100% health at a bench. This saves you a lot of credits and med pack consumptions – You’ll just need to make it to a bench.

I need more AMMO!

  • Except for some fixed drops/crates, most In-game supplies and loots are dynamic, which means the drops are calculated at the time they appear (either from enemies or opening crates).
  • Depending on the weapon you equipped, the game gives you relevant ammo. For example, if you only equip pulse rifle, you will get more pulse rounds throughout game. This means carrying less weapons like 1 or 2 weapons will gives you more ammo for that specific weapon.
  • In the middle-end part of game, the game gives you more difficulty and pressure by adjusting the loot/drop – there’s a higher probability to drop the ammo you most possessed – for example, you have 120 plasma and 10 pulse rounds, game will give you more plasma drop instead of 50/50 of plasma/pulse. This design is to guess your less-favored weapon and limit your DPS for your favored weapon.
  • Force gun ammo is the most profitable / expensive ammo drop in game.
  • Combining things above, my strategy is to store a lot of force gun ammo (like 40+), and keep plasma cutter as less as possible (23/40 is enough for a fully upgraded plasma cutter).

I need more Stasis!

  • You don’t have to save your stasis for puzzle, in most puzzles that require stasis, there will be at least 1 stasis refill.
  • Stasis refill is infinite as you may already found, and there are no cool-down like original DS 1. Remember the nearest location (also on the map), refill whenever you can.
  • Like health, upgrading your stasis also gives you 100% stasis energy but this one is less favorable for obvious reason.

There are so many necromorphs!

  • Whenever you feel the battle is too difficult and there’s an open door, run. It seems enemies does not go through rooms, so you can block them by just running into another room.
  • Unless the door is locked, some battles are optional.
  • Hunter (the re-generaing enemy) usually does not follow you after you run after doors. Most of the time you escape Hunter, you can go back and the Hunter is not in the previous room.

I am afraid I’ll miss something in game!

  • Unlike original DS1, DS Remake is an (semi) open-world game. You can always go back and collect stuff until the end of chapter 11 – game designer wants you to go back, so don’t panic if there is a locked door like security level 3 or master override.
  • You will be able to craft master override after Chapter 7, so it is fine to leave all optional objectives until Ch7.
  • Master Override opens 8 doors and crates; some contains blueprints/upgrades, some contains goodies like 3 power nodes, but those are optional, you can finish the game without them.
  • The only blueprint that is MISSABLE is large med pack in chapter 9, where you will board the Valor; as Valor will explode at the end of chapter, you cannot go back there after you finish the chapter – it is the only missable item for “Merchant” achievement.
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